JP5s and JP5mini, JPay Tablet for Inmates

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JPay company providing the latest tablets: JP5s and JP5mini specifically for prisoners in the United States so that they can stay connected with the outside world and certainly this is one method to relieve stress.

Both tablets has lower class features and sold cheaply. But JP5 tablets not sold in the global market. And it needs official permission to get it.

You can buy it officially at

The tablet is also equipped with entertainment and educational applications that can be played by the inmates.
JP5mini tablet has been distributed to more than two million inmates scattered in different states of the USA.

JP5mini tablet

JP5s Tablet

JP5mini tablet features includes 4.3-inch display, dual-core processor and has 16GB of internal storage. As for JP5s has 7-inch screen with 32GB of internal storage. Operating System based on Linux with a special bootloader which can prevent other platforms can be installed.

In addition it can be used to communicate with the world outside the prison, JP5mini can also be used to play music and video, video chat and much more. JP5 tablets offers a battery life of up to 35 hours of music playback or 12 hours for video playback.

Designed specifically for inmates, JP5 tablets has a body made of plastic material. JP5 tablets designed resilient and has been tested to survive after falling from a height of 9 meters.

Ryan Shapiro as JPay CEO said that JP5mini specially designed so it will not be used as a weapon and a means of smuggling prohibited items.

JP5mini tablet price only $70. All inmates in various states of the USA who want to get JP5mini must obtain prior permission from the prison warden. And to avoid things that are not desirable as illicit goods transaction, the wardens will conduct routine surveillance on every JP5 users.

To know other benefits, just look at the 7 cool facts of JP5mini tablet.

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