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Note that JPay has released the latest version of smartphone and tablet specifically for inmates named JP5s & JP5mini that can provide access to e-mail message, e-card, and videogram.

Now, we talk about JPay login account via mobile for beloved families or inmates’ friends on their smartphones, Apple or Android is available.

JPay for Android

JPay mobile Android

This Android app lets you send emails with photo attachments and transfer money to the account of prisoners at the prison via a credit or debit card.

Important features such as:
– Equipped with Prepaid Reply for JPay email
– Simple to send money using your debit/credit card
– Allows receive and send email messages to multiple recipients with attachment photos
– Available purchase for JPay stamps
– more…

Other features for an example ‘create and manage your JPay accounts’ may be available later, please check always the latest version in Play Store.

JPay for Apple iOS

JPay mobile Apple iOS

JPay login mobile for an example on your iPhone is easy by downloading it at App Store.

For the functionality, usability and features are almost the same with the Android app, the only difference being the device alone. Please see the latest version update.

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