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Here easy steps for JPay registration for a new costumer (newbie):

visit then you will see ‘Inmate Search’ box

Enter your state, also Inmate ID and click on the FIND button. Next, you just follow the instructions on there until Finish (final step).

Note: if you don’t have the Inmate ID#, get at

JPay Map

You can use JPay MAP to choose one of your state OR see the States List underneath.

From each link, you can get complete information for each city/state such as details of the fees, timing, availability of services, branch office address, and phone number.

For an example: If you choose ‘Kingman Parole Office’ from Arizona, United States, You will see like this:

JPay sign up arizona

JPay sign up arizona 2

Well, now please click on the another states according to your needs. Next, call its JPay phone number and come to the address indicated, GPS Map is already available. They will create a JPay account for you.

    JPay Gurney Unit
    JPay Gurney Unit
    JPay is providing Gurney Transfer Services for
    JPay Chargeback Address
    JPay Chargeback Address
    If we talk about sending money, you
    How Often Do Inmates Check JPay
    How Often Do Inmates Check JPay
    JPay is the name of the service
    Why Can’t I Login My JPay Account?
    Why Can’t I Login My JPay Account?
    JPay is helpful for both inmates and

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