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JPay Buy StampsThis JPay buy stamps guide will help inmates and their kin find easier and cheaper way to get JPay stamps. JPay stamp is the most important means to use some of JPay’s services, especially those related to JPay’s email system. As constant communication with the inmates is the best support that the inmates’ family can give to them, knowing the easiest way to get this stamp is a great benefit for both the inmates and their family.

JPay has indeed helped inmates and their family and friends enjoy a better and more convenient way to connect, to communicate, to interact, and to share many things with one another. Thanks to JPay’s services, families can send funds to their loved ones in prison, send emails, and perform video visitation. JPay also provides a specifically designed correction-grade tablet to inmates. With the tablet, they can enjoy easier access to most JPay’s service features, to access digital library and learning materials so that they can prevent themselves from being recidivists after they leave the prison, or simply to kill their free time. In brief, JPay has provided inmates and their relatives with the best escape from the hardship of living in a correctional facility.

To understand how JPay stamps work and how to get them easily and cheaply, you need to know first what JPay is, what kind of service it offers, how its virtual stamp works, how much does JPay stamps cost, and where to find JPay stamps. These issues will be covered in this article in a brief yet comprehensive way.

About JPay

JPay is a private company that offers multiple services to inmates of correctional facilities across the country. The company was founded in 2002 by Ryan Saphiro and for years has been known to facilitate inmates’ money transfer and parole and probation payments. JPay is well-known especially for allowing inmates to keep up with the technology—something that prison inhabitants rarely have access to. In 2009, JPay released its JP3 MP3 player that inmates could use for entertainment. The next version of the device, the JP4, was a tablet that featured sufficiently complete tablet functionalities, durable impact-resistant polycarbonate body, and highly secure software environment system that made it perfectly suitable for prison use. JPay was currently developing two updated versions of its tablet—JP5 and JP5mini—as replacements for the old model. If available, with special permission, inmates can use the tablet to enjoy easier access to most JPay services. It is important to know that buying JPay stamps is necessary in order to use some features that the tablet offers.

Services Offered by JPay

JPay is currently providing services in five distinct areas: money transfer, emailing system, video visitation, media purchase, and education. Each of those services is to be explained below.

1. Money transfer

JPay has been known to simplify the money transfer process whereby inmates’ family send cash to them so as to allow them to use it inside the facility.

2. Emailing system

JPay has also established a secure and reliable emailing system that allows families to connect and communicate with their incarcerated loved ones electronically. This is where JPay buy stamps strategy is needed as inmates and their family and friends have to use JPay’s virtual stamp for this kind of communication to take place.

3. Video visitation

JPay also enables family members to visit their incarcerated loved ones electronically using JPay’s video visitation service, thereby skipping the complicated procedure of a physical visit.

4. Media purchase

JPay has provided inmates with a tablet that they can use while in the prison, but a portion of its content is sold separately. Inmates who want to enjoy music, play certain games, or access certain digital content need to purchase them from JPay.

5. Education

Education will be beneficial for inmates because well-educated inmates will find a better place in the community and will less likely become recidivists when they are finally out. Using its tablet as the media, JPay has provided high-quality learning materials to inmates, including the technology-driven program JPay’s Lantern, online source of educational videos KA Lite, a comprehensive library of eBooks, and educational games.

Besides providing those services, JPay also provides a simplified system for inmates to make payments for probation, parole, courts, community correction payments, etc. Of all of those services, emailing system is the one that requires JPay stamps, which can be purchased either online or from JPay kiosks in the correctional facilities.

How Does JPay Email System Works?

More specific details of how JPay email system works vary by facilities as each correctional facility has its own specific mailing rules and regulation. In general, JPay’s emailing system allows families to send their email, together with attachments, to their loved ones in the prison. This system is a little bit different from regular emailing system as inmates mostly don’t have access to internet while inside. Family members or friends who wish to send their email to their incarcerated loved ones need to set up JPay account, use a computer with internet connection to access the account, buy JPay stamps, access JPay’s email feature by clicking on email tab, write the email and add attachments if needed, and send it. The availability of email service varies by facilities. If you cannot see email tab in your account, there are several possible reasons for that: first, the correctional facility where your loved one is incarcerated doesn’t offer email service; second, your loved one has been transferred to another facility; third, your loved one is not currently permitted by the facility to receive email; or fourth, you have selected the wrong inmate when setting up your account. Family members and friends can always consult JPay if they suspect that none of those four reasons cause the absence of email feature in their account.

As inmates mostly don’t have access to internet, the email message is expected to reach them between 24 and 48 hours after it is sent. If they already have a JPay tablet, they can read and write emails using the tablet. If they don’t, they can receive the email through JPay’s kiosk in their correctional facility. The email and any attached files will be printed on paper before they can receive it. Currently, only images with JPG, PNG and GIF formats can be delivered as attachments. JPay will send notification to the sender when inmates have received the email. In all states except Texas, inmates can reply the email that they receive. They can do that by submitting the replay to JPay’s kiosk or by using their tablet, which will channel the reply to the kiosk. Families or friends with JPay account will also be notified if their incarcerated loved ones send a reply.

This is the general picture of how JPay emailing system works. Again, this mechanism may vary by facilities and specific rules and regulation that a facility applies to its mailing system may also apply to JPay’s emailing system.

What is JPay Stamp?

When you try to figure out about what JPay stamp is and how it works, just think about regular postage stamp as both types of stamp work almost the same. JPay stamps allow sender to send email together with attachments to JPay so that the company can redirect it to the facility where the recipient is incarcerated.

The coverage of a stamp is limited, though the limit is far from being too restraining. With a stamp, sender can only send a total of 6000 characters of email, a somewhat generous limit as a 6000-character email is equivalent to 6 sheets of handwritten letter. If attachment is included in the email, one additional stamp is required for each included attachment.

How to Get JPay Stamps?

There are several ways to get JPay stamps. Normally, you get stamps by purchasing them from JPay. It is also possible for JPay account holders to get monthly free stamps as a part of JPay’s promotional campaign. Families and friends can also use JPay stamp transferfeature so that the inmates to whom the email is sent can send their reply without having to buy new stamps. We will talk more about these options below.

1. Buying JPay stamps

Normally, to get JPay stamps, you need to buy them. The cost of JPay stamps varies by states and facilities, but it usually ranges from $0.4 to $0.5 for a stamp. When buying JPay stamps, you don’t buy them per piece, but in bulk and discount is usually available if you buy 20 or 50 stamp blocks. To get more information about JPay’s latest pricing policy, you can check the Availability & Pricing page on JPay’s website. Inmates who need to buy stamps can get them from their inmate trust account.

2. Getting free stamps for JPay

It has been reported by some JPay users that free stamps are available for promotional purpose. Some families have testified that JPay give them 10 free stamps every month that they can use without having to pay. JPay also regularly carries out contests in which free stamp is granted as one of the prizes. For example, in 2013 JPay organized a video visitation contest that grants 5 free JPay stamps to the winner of the 3rd prize. Stay updated with JPay’s promotion to learn more about any events in which free stamps are available as giveaways.

3. Sending JPay stamps to inmates

Inmates can normally get stamps by purchasing them from their inmate trust account; however, it is also possible for inmates to use stamps that they don’t personally buy. If their family members or friends send them additional stamp when sending the email, they can reply the email using that stamp and don’t have to buy a new stamp in their facility. How do you send stamps on JPay? If you don’t want your incarcerated loved one to have problem getting stamp, you can buy additional stamp as a prepaid reply. This allows your loved one to reply your email without having to buy a new stamp.

Is There an Expiration Date for JPay Stamps?

In the past, JPay offered two types of stamp: cheaper stamps that had expiration date and more expensive “forever” stamps with no expiration date. JPay eventually believes that this marketing decision causes dilemma among JPay customers. For this reason, lately, JPay has decided to make all of its stamps “forever” stamps. Any stamps that you buy from JPay from now on will not have expiration date.

How Can You Check Your Stamp Purchase History?

If you think that it is necessary to audit your JPay stamp purchases, you can easily get information about stamp purchase history right after your JPay login. To access this information, you need to click the “Purchase History” under the eMessaging tab. You can check the list of purchases that you have made there. Another way to get this information is by contacting JPay using customer contact form available on JPay’s website.


With JPay stamps, you can remain connected to your incarcerated loved one with no trouble. You can send emails and photos and continue to provide support to them. Although JPay stamps make emailing activity, which is supposed to be free of charge, somewhat costly, the requirement to buy stamps is considered reasonable given the fact of how complicated mailing system in correctional facilities is. So if JPay requires you to buy stamps with price that is relatively affordable, you actually only pay a little for something that is considered great for your incarcerated loved one.

This JPay email and website buying stamps guide tells you about how JPay email system works, how stamps are used in the system, how to get those stamps, and how to make those stamps work. What this article describes shows you the broader picture of JPay stamps. More specific details about their availability and how they work still subject to JPay’s policies that may change and to the specific rules and regulation upheld by the correctional facilities where JPay provides its services. Therefore, after you do JPay sign up, be sure to check JPay’s policies and updated information about its services so that you can get more accurate information about JPay’s email system and stamps.

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