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The amounts of app right now are totally abundant with most of them offers unique services. JPay App is one of the unique apps you will love. The basic idea of this app is to make a bridge of communication and transaction for people and inmates. Yes, it involves inmates. As rarely as it may sound, this app offers more and more service to make a close communication, safe financial transaction, and secure entertainment access to inmates. Of course, this app is not something illegal. Your loved ones in prison can freely use this app with permission of their facility.

From what we can see, this app is probably the new version and access to complete its first computer-based services. Through the official website of the service, people can access and use several services to connect them with inmates or vice versa. With mobile devices is more common now, the demand for it to be available as an app might be risen. This could be the history of JPay mobile app. To make sure as many people as possible can access the services, JPay app for Android is now available to download.

Of course, before you ask for it, JPay app for iPhone is available as well in alternative to the Android one.

Download JPay App for Android & Apple iOS

How to Use It

Basically, this is similar to other communication or financial apps you can find. First, user needs to make an account on the app. Once a user made an official account on JPay mobile app, he can use most of the provided services. The same procedure should be applied when a user want to access the services through their laptop or computer. You will need an account, and you can start to set up everything you need from there. It will be wise to make the same account on your mobile device and your computer to avoid complication when you want to make a money transfer. In addition to it, as it involves your bank account details as well, don’t share any important details to other people.

JPay app

In what devices can we use it? This is a very good question, and you will be glad with the answer. As mentioned above, you will be able to use the app on your Android devices or on your iPhone. Most mobile devices support the app as long as you can download it. In addition to the common devices, JPay offers particular tablet, especially for inmates. The first tablet offered is JP4. It is legally allowed in most facilities on most states. This tablet features app with access to Kiosk to download more features in the service. However, this version has been discontinued, and it is replaced with JP5s and JP5mini. Even though people are recommended to use the latest version of tablets, JP4 still can be operated.

Each feature will require specific setup and configuration, especially when it comes to sending money. The entire settings are made user-friendly to avoid confusion. These settings can be accessed soon after users made their account for it.

In sum, you are going to need to download JPay app on your mobile device or access the official website through your laptop or computer. Then, you also need to make an official account to access the entire services offered in it. To make it even more convenient, special tablets with integrated app on JPay is offered, especially for inmates.

JPay Features

There are so many services are offered in JPay. However, we need to be careful as not all of the available features are accessible and can be used through mobile devices. Of course, integrated tablets including JP4, JP5, and JP5mini have different situation being built specially to utilize the features. There are basically four categories in the main menu after you make JPay sign up. It includes Money, Email, Video, and Music. These categories should cover the entire features available in it.

The most popular features in it is JPay email. This feature, as suggested by its name, offers email service in which you can send as well as receive email to and from inmates. The email sent can attach photos, which is a valuable feature when you want to share your moments. In several facilities, inmates are even allowed to responds the email immediately electronically, to view the attached files, and to read and print your message in the email. This service is a lot faster than the regular mail you can use that needs around 48 hours before inmates can touch the mail. However, you still need an electronic “stamp” for this email and it can be purchased in Jpay kiosks or online. In few facilities, it is even allowed to attach VideoGram in your email, making the email far more precious. This should help in maintaining good communication with your loved ones in prison. In addition to it, the email interface used by inmates is as friendly as one you use at home and it can send email to multiple recipients. So, it will be easy to use by everyone.

The second popular feature, that becomes more and more popular recently, is the Send Money feature. Yes, as suggested in its name, you can literally send money to people in prison. This is a great feature as people inside the prison still need money to get by. There are things to pay and they may want to make some expenses too. This used to be something hard to do, but it is no more. After the JPay sign up, users can use this feature immediately. Money transfer here is secure and fast enough. Fund can be received within the next day, which is fast enough for today’s demand. The process is fast and secure. It is practical as well with you can make transfer from your JPay mobile app, your laptop, or through any MoneyGram agent you can find. This transaction accepts credit card so you can initiate easy and fast money transfer anywhere. Of course, there will be transfer rate or fee to apply, but its’ rate is competitive enough.

The video feature is officially Video Visitation feature. This feature is created to shorten the space between you and your loved ones. You will enjoy looking at them in person more than anything. Meanwhile, it is mostly impossible with invasive policy and rules if not inconvenient enough. The solution will be this feature. It allows you to make a conversation, face-to-face in real time basis, in far more convenient way. You may not be able to visit them due to the location or other possible issues, but you still can make real interaction with them using this feature. It needs permission of course, and you need to make an appointment for this. Once the appointment is approved, this feature is free for you and inmates to use. There are variations on how this can be applied in many facilities, but they commonly allow you to make 30 minutes of video visit with this feature. This feature is available on JPay tablets and computer, but not on all mobile devices like your smartphone.

Music is the other category available in the main menu. It allows you to download music and listen to it when you want it. This is one of JPay Tablet features for inmates. It should make a huge help especially when you need to live inside a facility without any access to the outside world. Of course, there are limitation and restrictions for this feature as well, but most inmates enjoy the feature. It lightens up their day and it helps them to stay a little happy. Unfortunately, not all mobile devices support this feature. JPay tablets obviously support the feature, and you can enjoy the same thing through your laptop or computer at this point. Let’s hope they will make it fully available on all mobile devices.

Additional Features or Services

There are several other features offered in JPay. Once you make JPay Login, especially on the website, you will be able to access two helpful features. First, you will love the inmate search feature. As suggested by its name, this feature allows us to locate specific inmate. This should be applicable as long as the particular facility supports the service. This inmate locator feature is useful in finding your old friends, who happen to be in jail at this point. It also makes a useful feature when you need to find certain inmate to contact them. Few inmates have great skill on professional field, and contacting them for professional consultation is no longer impossible for us.

The other feature offered is the Prison Search feature. It allows you to search for specific prison or facility. Even though it is only available on certain states and facilities, this feature allows you to make effective search for prison or facility’s contact information, service availability, timing, and fees. In addition to it, it can refer you to facility’s official website so you can search on particular inmate’s information. It shouldn’t be like what those secret agents can access, but it should give us enough lead to make contact or interaction.

Beside JPay app download, you still can make other download on additional contents like what happens for music feature. There are other inmate services that should be helpful and valuable. JPay’s Lantern offers education as well as rehabilitation to inmates. It can be accessed through Learning Management System on inmate kiosks and tablets. This service is developed on cooperation with Correctional Education Association or CEA.

KA Lite also offers so many educational video. These videos are designed for self-learning education method. It makes a perfect program for your friends in prison, and this service is available for free. Instead of being boring, it is extremely useful by covering several fields like language arts, computers, science, and even math. The videos need to be downloaded though through JPay Inmate Kiosk on JP5 tablets.

In addition to it, inmates should use the chance for e-books and educational games available as well. It should provide good and educational entertainment while it also kills time effectively.


This app is available for most Android mobile devices. Of course, users need to download the app on Google Play Store. The same thing happens to iPhone users. It is available in the App Store. Hoever, it is highly recommended that inmates use the tablets. Beside the table is filled with integrated app and accesses, it is also legal and allowed in most prisons and facilities. The use is allowed with certain level of supervision. Many families already find it helpful and effective especially when regular communication and visit as well as money transfer is hard to make.

Pros and Cons

There are many benefits we can gain from this service and app. First, it allows easy and fast access and service for real communication with our loved ones in prison. We can send email and photos, and we can initiate real time video call with them as well when visitation is impossible to hold. Offering money transfer feature, this service is a great help when an inmate needs cash for several expenses to get by. It helps in making fast, easy, and secure money transfer. In addition to it, it offers many entertainment options to inmates when they have tablets, from music to games. The educational services are also valuable things the inmates shouldn’t miss. In short, this service has too many good and positive things to offer, and it is friendly for both inmates and people who try to contact the inmates. Being legal, this service provides enough safety and security as well.

However, there are several cons as well. First, even though an account is a common thing on many valuable app, especially ones with email and money transfer feature, this is still a bit complicated. We still need an account to be able to use the entire features in the service. Few of the features or services are only available on computer or tablets, so mobile phone app is a little bit limited. Let’s hope they develop more on this service and add more access and availability to more users inside and outside the prison. Visit app to learn more on the app and the whole services offered.

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