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Here’s what you need to know related to JPay inmate, how to JPay send email to inmates. JPay email service is very quickly responded by a inmate in the United States prisons.

The system is made easy by company, usually less than 48 hours it will be received. Each email sent will charge by “Stamp” with a cheap fare, you can see the message delivery rates at

JPay Email

With the JPay Tablet (JP5s and JP5mini), they’ll see your email and photo attachments you send as many cooperate with US prisons. But you should ask first through JPay phone number: (800) 574-5729 and ask if the prison you are looking for already supports JPay facility? If so all will go smoothly.

You can also attach a video recording duration of 30 seconds (VideoGram) into email message, so that family and inmate during the period of custody keep always connected. Did you know that a letter from a loved one is something unbelievably happy. So email recommended for you.

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