How to Retrieve Deleted JPay Messages

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You might intentionally or unintentionally delete the JPay messages that are sent by the inmate and you might want to retrieve them when you realize that they are important and you still need them in your inbox. Is there a way to retrieve the JPay messages?

There is no information about it, but the chance of retrieving the deleted JPay messages is close to zero. It would be a loss for you knowing that all the previous messages are no way to be found. Your intention to feel nostalgic by reading the previous emails will be immediately vanished. However, there is nothing that you can do right now, except for reaching out to the customer support, trying to lure them to bring back the deleted messages, which is hard to happen. If you like this idea, the customer support number that you can try is (800) 574-JPAY (5729).

How to Retrieve Deleted JPay Messages-

If the JPay messages are suddenly deleted without unknown reason, then there is a possibility of the system or the app to get the error or the glitch or maybe there is something else that causes it. Some people also say that some of the messages are gone because they cannot have more than 200 messages. The ones that are sent and there but the ones that are received are not.

Apparently, the system of JPay has an email storage limit of 200 unread emails and 200 read emails without attachments. If you have more than 200 emails, the rest ones will be automatically removed.

If you have not tried it, you can try to look at your inbox, which is located on the right side of your hand. This one is placed just above the column headings for the inbox items. You should be able to see a link that is named Show Older Letters. You will not be seeing all your emails if you have not clicked on that.

About sending email on JPay

JPay provides the way for the family and friends of the inmates to write electronic letters or emails to them. Due to the fact that inmates do not have access to the internet, the way the email service offered by JPay works is different compared to the regular one. Your loved ones behind the prison will get their email according to a schedule set by their facility, and apparently, the emails are subject to screening and delivery rules that are the same as the ones for the traditional ones.

The perks of JPay emails:

  • The quickest way to send message to inmate
  • Mail made easy
  • Functionality you can use
  • Helping you to stay connected

Sending emails

After purchasing stamps, it is time for you to send emails to the inmate that you want. It is worth noting that your emails will be delivered in one or two business days and never on weekends or holidays.

In order to send email, firstly, go to the JPay homepage and click Email located on the Navigation menu. do not forget to enter the content of the email on the Compose page. Feel free to add image, video, or record video. When everything is done, please click Send to send your email. In case there is no Send button, it means you have not purchased enough stamps for the email that you want to send. Before clicking the Send button, you may want to preview the email by clicking on the Preview button.


There is a thing called VideoGram that sets JPay from the other email delivery services. This one is part of the email service of the company. For those who have no idea, VideoGram refers to a recording using a webcam that is attached to your computer. This feature has a limit of 30 seconds so you cannot record as long as you want. After you are done recording, it will be attached to your email that will be sent to the inmate.

Cost of sending email

According to the official website of JPay, one virtual JPay stamp will allow you to type up to 6000 characters, which is equal to about 6 pages of handwriting. As for the cost of the stamps, they vary depending on the facility. A few of the facilities offer stamp subscriptions. If you are curious about the prices, you can go to the official website of JPay. They are in the Prison Search section.


Purchasing stamps is important if you want to send emails to the inmate. In order to do so, on the go to the JPay homepage and click Email on the Navigation menu. Just like Sent, the Buy Stamps is also located on the Compose page and is below Sent. You will need to click it and do not forget to choose the stamp package that you want before clicking Continue. Feel free to select the payment method that you want by choosing the previously saved card from the Select card list. As an alternative, you can also click Use a new credit/debit card if you want to use a new card. After that, click Continue. The next thing that should be done is to click on the next JPay Email/eMessaging Terms of Use in the Payment Verification box. Then, choose the checkbox as a sign that you have read and agree to the eMessaging Terms of Use of JPay. Lastly, confirm the payment information that is correct in the Payment Verification box and then click Buy Stamps.

Communication services fees or rates

  • 6 stamps

Price: $2.00
Applicable Individual: Inmate or customer

  • 20 stamps

Price: $5.00
Applicable Individual: Inmate or customer

  • 35 stamps

Price: $7.50
Applicable Individual: Inmate or customer

  • 60 stamps

Price: $10.00
Applicable Individual: Inmate or customer

  • Email

Price: 1 stamp
Applicable Individual: Inmate or customer

  • Photo attachment

Price: 1 stamp
Applicable Individual: Customer

  • eCard

Price: 1 stamp
Applicable Individual: Inmate or customer

  • Snap N’ Send

Price: 1 stamp
Applicable Individual: Customer

  • Inbound VideoGram

Price: 5 stamps
Applicable Individual: Customer

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