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Go to my JPay account is an excellent choice if you want to have an easy, fast access to communicate with your beloved ones in jail. Now the world has changed. With technologies that are always improved, we have sophisticated methods to fulfill the absence of our friends, lovers, or families that once have gone to jail. When we missed a friend who officially became a prisoner, we would go to jail and talk to them face to face. Sometimes we faced several problems related to the right time when we had a chance to see their face and talk to them personally. But with the existence of JPay, those problems seem to be easy to handle. The service really has the right mission and vision to keep building relationship among customers.

What is JPay?

Founded in 2002, JPay has bridged family and friends of intimates with their imprisoned loved ones via a range of services based on corrections. These services have been introduced and offered in over and above 30 states nationwide. Besides corrections-related services, the trusted payment options, which are also the fastest ones, are supplied by JPay for persons in community corrections. By doing JPay login, customers are able to send money in the most secure way, write and send email comfortably with function-rich inmate features, play music and videos for inmates, and have services of parole, probation, and post-release.

JPay engages in the field of the corrections industry, which the headquarters are located in Miramar, Florida. JPay establishes cooperation and make a contract with county jails, the state Departments of Correction (DOC), and private federal prisons to give and supply good services and technologies, such as parole and probation payments, email, money transfer, and video visitation. The services are provided to about 1.5 million prisoners across the country.

Facilities in JPay

Send money your inmate requires

Once you choose www.jpay.com login, you now have no worries how your inmate spends their time inside. You have already ensured the funds that they actually require once they are sent to jail. Though the service is based online, the safety is assured and the process is completely quick and fast. By JPay, you do not need to go to a prison and give money. Just sit down in front of the computer, turn the internet on, and now you are ready to send money comfortably through home computer, MoneyGram agent which is located nationally, or phone.

Getting funds to your inmate is now no longer complicated since JPay accepts credit cards via online system. That’s why this service is called the fastest and quickest one, making the transactions for money transfer are possible. To have JPay account sign in OK you do not need to pay anything. The setting is free. It sounds so fun and interesting, right? If permitted, you are able to transfer money to more than one inmates. There will be no difficulties for your inmates to access the funds no matter what kind of accounts you are transferring money to (commissary account or a purpose account).

Write and send email

With several services offered, JPay.com email can be said as the bridge to connect family and friends with their inmates. We all have known email for all over the years. Replace printed letters, email has been transformed into a speedy method to catch up and share news and information. JPay claims that their email service is the fastest and most formidable email service. With a range of email services, prisoners can reply email electronically, see attachments in the form of photos, and read and print messages.

Sometimes we have to deal with some problems of sending regular mail, but email services that JPay provides, there will be less issues and errors faced by both you and your inmates. Emails will be received within 48 hours by the prisoners. A ‘Stamp’ is required by each email, which can be found online, or you can purchase it at JPay kiosks. The prices for a ‘Stamp’ are affordable when compared to other traditional postages.

Either you want to send a short Video or a photo, email in JPay service can do all things for you. You can have a Video Gram with 30 seconds of duration or send a photo along with an email. This comfortable service and method facilitates your relationship with your family or friend who is in jail. Now you can say what you feel toward the loved ones without waiting for the right time and chance to visit them. You now can make it via the email interface. No difficult steps to follow, it is easy, like regular email you get used to use.


The next facility JPay login aspx is the video visitation. Seeing someone is on trial and finally ends up his life on jail is hard. There must be times when you desperately miss him and want to see his face right now, but unfortunately you must wait for the right time or maybe the distance between your home and the jail is too far, far away. This could be difficult considering to the security procedures, like it has been nearly impossible to just meet your loved ones personally. With Video Visitation JPay tries to design, now you can have such a great opportunity to talk face to face with your family or friend who is in jail from your chair at home. Now you can tell him that you are always on his side, whenever he needs.

After doing jpay.com login/my account, you need to arrange a visitation first to be approved then by the facility of your friend therein. The process requires no complicated steps, just the simple ones use a calendar function. JPay facility login of video visitation provides various prices, how long Video Visits can be played (most of them are played no longer than 30 minutes), and the length. Make sure your computer and webcam support the version and have sufficient capability to talk with your loved ones. Now both of you can have time to talk personally when you go to my JPay account.

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