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JPay send money to inmates is very easy steps with following methods.

via online system on

Through the official website, you can do the send money for inmates. Let’s see the instruction here.

If you want to set up regular payments automatically, just activatie their recurring payments system

via phone call

They also serve JPay inmate money sending via JPay phone number: 1-800-574-5729


MoneyGram agents are spread across the states nationwide, you can do it easier, faster and safer. See here.

Money Order

You can send funds to an inmate using a cashier’s check (money order), first you need download the JPay coupon

Make sure you later, all the forms filled in correctly, according to the intended inmate facility.

Note: In Indiana has strict regulation, namely money order can be accepted only to  inmate’s approved visitor list.

Lobby kiosks

Sending money here also easy, you can find lobby kiosks in place a inmate facility is located.

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