How Do You Know if an Inmate Block You on JPay

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Are you here because you are curious what happen to you as you cannot contact the inmate? Are you wondering if you are blocked by the inmate? If the answers to both questions are yes, then you are on the right page as you will get the idea of what exactly happens and what to do.

Apparently, inmates do not have privilege to block someone on JPay. If you think you are blocked by the inmate because you cannot contact them or something, then you are wrong, because there is no chance of them to do so. Even if you are rude or do something wrong to the point makes the inmate angry, there is no option for the inmate to block you. Rather than blocking you, it is possible for them to be blocked instead.

The staff of department of corrections or the staff of the community corrections can block an inmate from sending electronic messages if the inmate sends electric messages that violate the policy. For instance, if the message that is sent consists of sex, violence or bad content, the inmate will immediately be blocked. Notice of a block will be sent to the inmate within a reasonable time after the block is placed.

There is a possibility of the inmate to be suspended from JPay or blocked using the service for a set amount of time. When that happens, they may have been taking the advantage of the service. In fact, there are some inmates who had been suspended from using JPay and were not able to send messages again until the end of the year. The same case might happen to your inmate.

In general, the reason why an inmate is because they have received money from a credit or debit card that was reported as stolen. For those who have filed a chargeback and denied a payment that sent by yourself with a credit or debit card, it might be the reason why the inmate cannot get funds that sent by you through credit or debit card. If it is the case, the thing that you can do is to contact your bank and reverse the chargeback so that you will be able to continue sending funds to the inmate that you want. You are advised to send money at MoneyGram location in case you are unable to reverse the chargebacks for the specific inmate.

Once again, inmates cannot remove anyone from JPay but they are able to remove one from their visitation list if they want. You can tell that an inmate removes you from their visitation list when you cannot contact them.

In order to contact the inmate that is possibly blocked, you are suggested to try contacting them with the help of the thing known as Videogram. In JPay, the term Videogram is used to call a video with the limit of 30 second. The video that will be sent is able to be recorded on your computer or your smart phone and you can send it to the inmate once you are done recording. The main goal of this service is to help everyone to maintain positive community ties with friends and family.

Each Videogram will be reviewed by JPay employees to make sure that it meets MN DOC criteria before it is delivered to the inmate. In case it does not pass the test and is rejected by the JPay employees, the refund will not be able to be received.

To be able to send a Videogame, these are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. When making an email, the first thing that you will have to do is to click Record Video located on the Compose page.
  2. When you are in the VideoGram Room, please click the Record button so that you can record your Videogram.
  3. Doing so will make something opens asking you to allow the system to take control of your web camera and microphone. Upon seeing it, please click Allow to start the recording.
  4. If you want to pause the recording, there is a Pause button that you can click and if you want to record something that is less than the limit of 30 seconds, you are allowed to stop the recording before the time limit expires.
  5. When the process of recording finishes, lastly, click Attach. It is worth noting that it is better for you to review the Videogram once you are done recording and before clicking Attach.

To know more the exact reason why there is something wrong to the point you think you are blocked by the inmate, you can try to contact the customer support of JPay. The customer support of JPay is available for 24 hours. Feel free to contact them anytime you want. All that you have to do is to dial the phone number, which is (800) 574-JPAY (5729).

Once you get the chance to talk to the customer support, please tell them everything that you are currently facing. Explaining every detail of the thing that you are experiencing is needed so that they can help you to seek the way out. Ask them why you think you are blocked and what happens to your account and the account of the inmate.

If you think talking to them through the phone number is not effective and you want to give them the proof, then you might want to send a mail with the print out of the screenshots. If you are interested in sending them a mail, please send one to the mailing address of JPay, which is JPay LLC 10981 Marks Way. Miramar, FL 33025. If you think both calling them and sending a mail are equally not effective and are not good ideas, the last alternative that you can try is to visit the JPay office. The address that you can visit is the same as the mailing address, which is JPay LLC 10981 Marks Way. Miramar, FL 33025.

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