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To meet or to send money or anything else to someone who is in the jail perhaps little bit difficult. We have to deal with a number of problems like time, the limitations that are owned by the inmates and the other reasons. Nowadays, you do not need to do complicated things to meet your beloved inmates.  There is JPay which is able to help you to stay connected with your inmates.  JPay offers some services for connecting the needs between you and your inmates. Is there www.jpay.com en Espanol? We will discuss it in this article.

To meet inmates, you have to come to their jail. If it is near, it is of course will not be a problem but how if the jail is very far from your residence? In Jpay, you can do video visitation to meet with missed someone in jail. But before you do video visitation with your inmates, you have to set the schedule first. To set the schedule, you can go to JPay home page. In the navigation menu, you can hit the Video Visitation and click Schedule New Visit. In the page of Schedule Visit, click the Video Visitation Terms of Use. After reading the terms, click Continue. There will be Choose Data Box. So, select the day that you want and click Continue. You will see Choose Time list, so select the time that you want to do video visitation, and click Continue. Next, you will see Select Card list, choose the card to use and enter the validation code for the card. You have to make sure the information is correct in the Payment Verification then click Continue.

Beside video visitation, you can also send email, send videogram, send money, call them, buy them player to eliminate boredom, and paying parole and probation. So, to connect with your inmates you do not always to meet them face to face directly by visiting them in the jail. You only need to open browser in your laptop or smartphone, then access the website of JPay wherever you are. You even can access www.jpay.com en Espanol.

JPay takes place in Miramar, Florida, United States. It has contracts with county, state, and correctional facilities in the country and the services of JPay spread in 30 states. But, you have to remember that not all places have the facilities of JPay. So, to check whether in your inmates’ prison there is Jpay services or not, you are able to check in the website of JPay. Hit the Prison Search, and you click the state on the map. You will see the expanded state list, then select the facility that you want. There you can see the cost for services, contact information, and the number and type of kiosk that is owned by that facility.

You are able to access www.jpay.com en Espanol, but JPay only provides the services in United States.  JPay can give the services to the customers in the outside of the country as long as they know that the inmates is in the facility of U.S. You are able to use credit or debit card that was released from United States.

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