How Much does it Cost to Send Money Through JPay

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JPay as a company which helps people to stay connected with their inmates, JPay provides some services. One of the services is money transfer. Money that is transferred by the family or friends of inmates can be used to fulfill the inmates’ needs during in the jail. How much does it cost to send money through JPay?

We will discuss it. To make people easy to transfer money to their beloved inmates, JPay has 5 ways of transferring money.

  1. Online payment. You are able to send money to your offender via
  2. Over the phone. You can transfer money via telephone by calling 1-800-574-5729.
  3. MoneyGram. If you want to transfer money cash, you can use MoneyGram. Wilmart, 7-11- and CVS Pharmacy are the establishments that have MoneyGram services. To use MoneyGram, you will need the number of inmate’s correctional ID, last name and receive code or facility name.
  4. Money Order. In the several states, you are able to transfer money using JPay’s money order service. To use this, you will be required a money order or a cashier’s check, and money order coupon of JPay. You can download the coupon in JPay’s website.
  5. Another choice of transferring money is via Lobby Kiosk. You are able to use a credit card in the lobby kiosk but you have to check whether there is a lobby kiosk or not in the location of your inmate. To know that, you can check in the website of JPay exactly in the Availability and Pricing page.

How much does it cost to send money through JPay?The cost depend on the facility or correctional agency and also the method of payment that is used. For example, the price of online payments via the website of JPay that is will be lower than doing payments through calling the live support agent of JPay. To know more about the price of services, you can access and click Availability and Pricing page. Click Rates to know about the fee of transfer money.

How Much does it Cost to Send Money Through JPay
Remember that to send money to your inmates or offenders, you must have an account in JPay’s site. To make an account is just simple and of course free. You just have to fill the state and the ID of your inmates. After clicking Next, you choose the right inmate. Then, filling your email and also your password.

Sending money using JPay, you can ensure that your inmates or offenders will get the funds that they need. The process of sending money in JPay is fast and secure. You even can make this transaction from your home using computer, laptop, or phone. You will be permitted to send money to multiple inmates and there are reccuring payments, too.

So, if you need an app that can be used to transfer money which is secure, fast and trusted, just visit How much does it cost to send money through JPay? It’s competitive. You can check it via Availability and Pricing page as mentioned above.

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