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JPay’s Email service gives a great way for family or friends to send email for their loved ones in prison. However, sometime there are some problems when you try sending an email. One of the problem is you cannot send an email. So, why do you cannot send an email on JPay? Let us find out that answer here.

Reasons why cannot send an email on JPay

Actually, there are some reasons why you will not be able to send an email on JPay.

Here are possible reasons why cannot send an email on JPay:

  • You do not have enough JPay stamps

Similar with regular postage stamps, every email which you send to an inmate needs a JPay stamp. The longer the email, so the more JPay stamps you need to send your email successfully. Besides, the attachments, photos and VideoGrams also will need the additional stamps. For your information, JPay Stamps will not expire. So, you do not worry about your JPay Stamps will expire.

  • You do not have a good internet connection

Of course, a good internet connection is very important when you try sending an email to the inmates in prison. So, before you send an email to your loved ones in prison, you have to ensure that you have a good internet connection so that your email will be sent successfully.

Talking about cannot send an email on JPay, there are also some people who have problem where they cannot see the Emails tab on their account. For those who cannot see the Email tab after you logged into your JPay account, it is usually due to one of the below reasons:

  • Your loved ones in prison has been transferred.
  • Their facility does not offer any email.
  • You have not selected the true inmate from the drop down list on the Home page.
  • You have selected the wrong inmate once you set up your JPay.com account.
  • The inmate has been prohibited from receiving or sending Emails by the facility staff.

How does Email work?

The inmates will accept their email within 24 to 48 hours. Because your loved ones in prison do not have access to the Internet, so JPay’s email will different than your email program at your own home. In this case, your loved ones in prison will accept email from you according to a schedule set by their facility. Remember that Email is subject to the same screening and delivery rules which apply to traditional mail.

Requirements to write an Email to an inmate

If you want to send or receive emails from your loved ones in prison through JPay, firstly you need to create a JPay.com account. Then, you need have the inmate’s ID and virtual JPay stamps. Also, ensure you have a computer with Internet access.

Usually, one virtual stamp allow you type up to 6000 characters. Of course, the cost of JPay stamps varies according to the facility. There are several facilities offer stamp subscriptions. The prices of stamp will be able to be seen by visiting JPay.com and clicking on the Prison Search button. To get a detailed history of your JPay stamp purchases, you have to see a list of prior JPay stamp purchases by clicking Purchase History button under the Email tab on JPay.com. Besides, you are also able to send a request to support@JPay.com

How to send an email to an inmate?

After you ensure that you have JPay.com account, the inmate’s ID, and JPay stamps, now you are able to send an email to your loved ones in prison. Follow these steps to send email to an inmate:

  • Go to JPay home page, then click Email on the Navigation menu.

click Email on the Navigation menu-

  • At the Compose page, please submit the content for your email.
  • Here you are able to attach one of the following:

Attach an image by clicking Attach Image.
Attach a video by clicking Attach Video.
Attach and record a VideoGram by clicking Record video.

  • Next, you have to click “Send” to send your email. If you have enough stamps, you will be able to see the “Send” button. But, if you do not own enough stamps, then you will not see the Send button. Before you send your email, you need to preview it by clicking on the Preview button. This will show your email as a PDF.

With some exceptions, the inmates will read and reply to your emails via the JPay inmate kiosks which is located inside their living units. You are going to receive a notification on your JPay.com account that you have received emails. You are able to send an unlimited amount of emails to your loved ones in prison. JPay deliver the content email to the inmate exactly as it was send to them. If the photo is too large or too small, you need to use a photo editor before you attach it to your email.

How to check sent Email?

After you send email to an inmate, you may want to check your sent Emails. By the way, how to check your sent emails? For your information, you will be able to see the previous emails you have sent on the Sent page.

To check your own sent emails, here are steps you can do:

  • On the JPay home page, on the Navigation menu, you are able to click Email.
  • On the Compose page, on the Email menu, you are able to click Sent.

To delete a letter:

  • On the Sent page, click an individual letter row.
  • On the Sent letter details page, you need to click Delete to delete the letter. Next, click Yes on the confirmation pop-up. The letter is going to be deleted from the Sent list.

Note: On the Sent letter details page, you will be able to click Prev or Next to view the previous or next letters in the Sent list (if any). You are going to discover sent emails in your Sent box about 15 minutes after they are sent.

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