What Does Prepaid Mean on JPay Email?

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For those who want to find out the meaning of prepaid on JPay Email, you are able to read this entire article. Here we are going to talk about that and other information related to JPay Email. Keep staying on this page.

The meaning of prepaid on JPay Email

Before you send your email, you may want to preview it by clicking on the Preview button. This will shows your email as a pdf. You will be able to pre-pay a reply for the inmate by choosing the include a pre-paid reply for the Inmate checkbox. This selection is going to send one stamp to the inmate that they may use to reply to you.

So, make sure you use the “prepaid reply” button on your message, otherwise they are able to use the stamps for whatever purpose they like.

Some cases related to prepaid reply on JPay Email

There are some cases that we found from the forum related to prepaid reply on JPay Email. In the text below, we are going to share one of cases.


Recently, I have joined the Prison Pen-Pals community and I have been enjoying very much the experience. I have received my first letters and with one of my Pen-Pal, we have  decided to exchange with J-Pay. We switch two emails before him asking me to send a Prepaid Reply as he does not have much stamps. After reading many things on this site, I must admit, I have my guard up with paying something for an inmate. The prices for the stamps are not expensive. What is a couple of dollars for me on the out site? But, I feel like it is setting the tone for me to pay every time I want to e-mail with him. What are your opinions on sending Prepaid Reply on JPay email?

The answer of that case:

I would say it is too early, but on the other hand, I do not know your pen pal’s situation. Probably, he gets very little support from family on the outside and stamps are precious for someone in prison. I send one of my pen pals a little money every now and then, and he is always grateful for whatever he receives. But, it depends on the situation and also how you feel regarding this pen pal. If you are not comfortable with paying for his stamps, either this early or in the future, yes, probably it become an ongoing thing, then you do not. Or you are able to set a limit, pay a certain number of stamps per month.

Here is a comment from Chalemay23 related to the answer given for him:

I have set my limits right away saying that I did not feel comfortable paying for JPay stamps. I added that I understand if he cannot keep the pen-pal thing going because of that. I would not be offended if he decided to stop talking. It ended up going really well since he said he gets it and he is going to figure it out.

JPay Prepaid Phone Time

Talking about prepaid on JPay Email, now we are going to talk about JPay Prepaid Phone Time. Need to know that JPay Prepaid Phone Time is an easy method to prepay for phone calls with the inmates. This service is only available in certain states. If you do not see a Phone Time option once you log in, then your inmates are unable to accept JPay Prepaid Phone Time. Also, JPay will know where an inmate is housed. If an inmate is transferred between facilities or between housing units, the JPay Prepaid Phone Time System will be able to know it.

Sending an email to an inmate

Now, let us talk about sending email to an inmate in prison. When you want to send or accept email from an inmate through JPay, you have to make a JPay.com account first. Then, you need have the inmate’s ID and virtual JPay stamps. Like regular postage stamps, every email you send also needs a JPay stamp. The longer your email, the more stamps you will require to send your email successfully. Also, attachments, photos and VideoGrams require additional JPay stamps. However, you do not not worry as JPay Stamps will not expire.

After you make sure that you have JPay.com account, the inmate’s ID, and JPay stamps, next you are able to send an email. Please follow these steps below to send email to an inmate:

  • Visit JPay home page, click Email on the Navigation menu.
  • At the Compose page, submit the content for your email.
  • Here you will be able to attach one of the below:

Attach an image by clicking Attach Image.
Attach a video by clicking Attach Video.
Attach and record a VideoGram by clicking Record video.

  • Lastly, click the send button to send your email. Make sure that you have enough stamps. If so, you are able to see the “Send” button. In other case, if you do not have enough stamps, then you cannot see the Send button. Before you send your email, you also need to preview it by clicking on the Preview button. This can show your email as a PDF.

The inmates will read and reply to your email via the JPay inmate kiosks. You are going to accept a notification on your JPay.com account that you have received emails. You will be able to send an unlimited amount of emails to your loved ones in prison.

For the cost of one stamp, you are able to attach a photo to your Email. The formats allowed for images are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif. and .bmp. Of course, JPay will deliver the content email to the inmate exactly as it was send to them. If your photo is too large or too small, you will need to use a photo editor before you attach it to your email.

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