Can Inmates Email Back on JPay?

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When you decide to send an email to a loved one in prison, you may be wondering whether the inmate can message you back or not. However, apart from sending a message to an inmate, you also want to know how they are doing in your email reply, don’t you?

Sure, if your loved one in prison can email you back, you’ll be happy as you really know what happened to him/her. As we know that JPay’s email service is such an angel which helps you to send messages to your loved one easily without visiting an inmate in prison too often. Then, can your loved one email you back on JPay? To know about the facts, let’s see our post below!

Can Inmates Email Back on JPay

Is It Possible for an Inmate to Email You Back on JPay?

Of course, the answer is totally YES. An inmate can message you back in prison through JPay’s email service. Then, if an inmate has emailed you back, you will get a notification on your JPay account. That’s such an easy way, isn’t it?

However, not inmates in prison can send back an email. Unfortunately, for inmates who are incarcerated in the state of Texas cannot email back on JPay. We cannot explain the reasons why Inmates in Texas aren’t permitted to send back emails.

Although JPay’s email service is the fastest way to send a letter to your loved one in prison today, unfortunately not every inmate can do it, right?

To read and send email back, an inmate surely should open an email first. To know someone sent an email, in prisons there was usually a kiosk in the common area outside their cell where they used to walk around, play various games or something. Well, if they want to find out if there’s an email for them or not, they can just log in with the credentials the jail gives them.

Of course, there was no way for them to know for sure whether they got the message or not unless they login to JPay. Through their JPay account, they can log in to view messages. If there is a message, they can reply to the message to the person who sent the email.

In fact, many prisoners don’t log in at all because they don’t want to be disappointed when they don’t receive a single message. Of course, the thing you should do when you email your loved one in prison, make sure you first talk to them on the phone and ask them to open your email.

But today, all facilities really have JPay tablets. JPay companies have started serving it to help inmates able to send email, video calls, read books, watch films, play games, find work, do any courses and many more. Sure, with the release of the JPay tablet, it’s very easy for you and also your loved one in prison to always be connected.

How Does Email Work on JPay?

JPay’s Email Service allows friends and family alike to send emails to loved ones who are in prison. Most inmates will receive their email within 24 to 48 hours, and many are also able to respond electronically. Thankfully, you are able to send unlimited amounts of emails to your loved one in prison.

As inmates do not have access to the internet, of course, JPay’s email works a bit differently than your home email. They will receive their email according to a schedule set by the prison. Any email they may receive is subject to the same rules that apply to traditional mail.

Of course, to send or receive JPay email, you will need a JPay account, an inmate’s ID, virtual JPay stamps as well as a computer with Internet access. Just like regular stamps, evey email you send will require a JPay stamp.

Sure, the longer an email, the more stamps you will need to send it. If you want to attach videos and also photos, your email will require additional stamps. Moreover, the price of one additional stamp will vary depending on the facility.

The image formats that you can attach on your email include .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, and .bmp. JPay will deliver photos to inmates exactly as it was provided to them. It means that if your photo is too small or too large, you can use a photo editor first before you attach photos to your email.

Sending email to an inmate through JPay, one JPay stamp will let you up to 6000 characters or about 6 pages of handwriting. Sure, the stamps’ cost will vary depending on the facilities as some offer stamp subscriptions. If you want to see the cost of JPay stamps, you can see it by accessing and then clicking on the ‘Prison Search’ menu.

How to Send Email to Inmate With JPay’s Email?

To send an email to your loved one in prison, you should take some simple ways below!

  • You firstly need to go to
  • Once you are at the JPay page, you should login by entering your username and password. Instead if you have no an JPay account yet, you should register first.
  • On the JPay homepage, you can click on Email button on the Navigation menu.
  • You can then enter the content for your email on the Compose page.
  • You surely can attach an image, a video and even record and attach a VideoGram. If you want to attach an image, you can click on Attach Image, click Attach Video to attach a video and then click on Record Video if you want to record and attach a VideoGram.
  • Afterwards, you can then click on the Send button to send your email to the inmate.
  • If you do not see the Send button, you surely need to purchase the stamps before.
  • Before you can send your email, you can also preview it by clicking on the Preview button. when you preview your email, the format will be .pdf.

Well, those are the ways that you can take the way of sending email to your loved one in prison.

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