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If you want to transfer money to inmate through JPay Virginia Department of Correction, make sure you finish this article until the end.

Why chooses JPay?

JPay will help you to send money to inmate securely. By choosing JPay, you don’t need to worry whether your inmate receives the fund inside or not since it will transfer your money quickly and safely. You can send the money from convenience place like home because you can send it through your phone, computer or MoneyGram near your location.

JPay also accepts online system like credit card if you opt for money transfer transaction. When you send your money to JPay, the fund will be proceed on the next day. Many people believe that JPay is the most convenient and quickest way to get money to your loved one in prison. For setting up an account is completely free. If you wonder about the rates between JPay and the other services actually they have competitive rates.

Is it easy to send money through JPay?

The answer is yes! JPay will assure you that the money you transfer will be delivered. The money transfer process is seamless for both of the sender and receiver. It doesn’t matter whether your fund comes from dedicated purpose account or not, your loved one is still able to access the fund quickly and safely. You can also send money to several inmates if it is possible. The other service that is available is recurring payments.

JPay also provide you an easy and quick way to send money by using a money order. For several agencies and facilities, you can send money orders directly to JPay Money Order Lockbox. It is service that will process your money electronically.

If you have more questions and if you want to know about further information of JPay Virginia Department of Corrections, you can visit the official website at here.

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