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JPay Oklahoma Department Correction facilitates you to send money for inmate. The process is easy and completely secure. The rates are also competitive compare to the other service. What you need to prepare is your application first especially if you want to meet your loved one directly.

How to submit an application?

Preparing a visiting application is important so you can meet your loved on in person. The process is quick and easy. By choosing JPay as your service, you can save your energy and time because you can fill in the forms of the application for visitation online. This visiting application is the most convenient and secured way to submit personal information to be forwarded to the agency so you can meet the inmate in person.

Is it required to have JPay account to submit an online visiting application?

Yes. JPay account is required if you want to submit visiting application online. The process will be so much easier if you already have a JPay account. Simply log in and then select your loved one in the selected facility. But, if you don’t have a JPay account before, you should sign up first. You must enter the inmate’s ID in the search box that you can find on the right corner.

What are the facilities available at Oklahoma Department of Corrections?


You can find many facilities at Oklahoma Department of Corrections that are available for JPay service.

  1. Clara Waters Community Corrections Center and Oklahoma County Correction
  2. Bill Johnson Correctional Center
  3. Howard McLeod Correctional Center
  4. Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center
  5. Jess Dunn Correctional Center
  6. Dick Conner Correctional Center
  7. James Crabtree Correctional Center
  8. Jim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
  9. Jackie Brannon Correctional Center

For further information about JPay Oklahoma Department Correction, you can visit the official website at here to find out about rates, service and application.

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