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JPay tablets are the helpful thing that are usually used by the inmates behind the bar to communicate with the outside world. In order to make it possible, the inmates need to sync the tablet with the JPay account. Syncing the JPay tablet to the JPay account is easy but it might be not for some people.

There is a possibility of the JPay tablet not syncing with the JPay account. This kind of situation might happen due to some reasons. One of the possible reasons is because of the error, the glitch, or the bugs. In this case, the first thing that can be done is to wait for a while and see if it has been fixed. If it is not, then try to uninstall the Jpay app and reinstall it. If it is still not in sync, resetting the JPay tablet might work. In case the same issue is still there, there is an alternative way, which is reaching out the JPay customer service.

JPay Tablet Not Syncing

The fastest, the easiest, and the best way to contact the JPay customer service is through a phone call. This one works for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The phone number that you can call is 800-574-5729. When calling them, please explain the issue that is currently happening clearly so that they can help to find the best solution.

Sending the representative of JPay customer service an email is also possible. This kind of email is able to be sent directly from the official website of Jpay. Do not forget to explain the case well in the message column. After typing, please click the Submit button.

Apart from JPay tablets, JPay also has some new mobile apps for the Apple products (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android devices. They make it possible for the family of friends of inmates to send money to the inmates with just a couple of steps. If you want to transfer money to the inmate, you will have to use the JPay app. This one also can be used by the ex-offenders to make a community correction payment. You can download the app freely and once you have it on your device, you can sync it directly to your JPay account that you created before.

About JPay tablets

The inmates are offered with the JPay tablet by JPay with the aim to keep in touch with the outside world. Apart from that, it is also the thing to get the access to education and to get courses so that they can have something once they are out of prison.

JPay tablets are really helpful. With them, inmates can do a few things, such as:

  • Placing a phone call, sending and getting emails, eCards, and VideoGrams
  • Getting educated with material, podcasts, and eBook
  • Getting to access and to purchase music, games, and movies
  • Reading daily news

There are several models of JPay tablets. Here is each of these models:

  • JP6S Tablet

The newest and the most advanced JPay tablet is called JP6S Tablet. This one provides the inmates with greater performance though faster processors to get the better experience and there is also a stronger battery for extended battery life. The JP6S features 7” Touchscreen; better resolution; 32 GB storage; 3x battery life, 500 cycle; and thinner hardware for easy handling.

  • JP5S Tablet

JP5S Tablet refers to the previous one before the newest one, JP6S Tablet. This one comes with 7” Touchscreen and 32GB storage.

  • JP5S Mini

JP5S Mini is the first JPay tablet offered by JPay. This first product has a 4.3” Touchscreen and 16 GB storage.

The inmates can get accessories such as earbuds and screen protectors to support these JPay tablets. However, keep in mind that the screen protector is not available in all states. Just like the screen protector, not every state or every agency has those three JPay tablet models as the availability varies. Feel free to log into the JPay account to see the one that is available.

For those the family members or the friends of the inmates who want to get the JPay tablet for your loved one, here is step by step to follow:

  1. The first thing that you will need to do is to log in to make a JPay account. If the newest one called JP6S Tablet is not available for you to purchase but it is available to be purchased by your loved one, the best way is to fund their Media account in order to provide the funds so that they can get the new tablet.
  2. When the process of purchasing is done, the JPay tablet will be prepared and then be sent by them to the agency. Once it has been received by the agency, it will be given to your loved one.

About Media account

In the world of JPay, the term JPay Media account is used to call an account that is managed by the inmates. This one is also more known as JPay Credits. By using this account, every inmate in the prison is able to purchase a few things, including a tablet, songs and music albums, stamps, games, movies, and printout.

Apparently, the Media account can be funded. In order to fund it, you have some options to choose. The first one is to log in or make a JPay account. Once you have made a JPay account and logged in with it, you can fund the Media account. The alternative method is to call 800-574-5729. It is the number that should be dialed to talk to the representative of the JPay customer service. When you talk to them, tell them your intention to fund the Media account of your loved one and ask them to fund it. When talking about funding the Media account, be aware that each payment or money transfer that is sent to the agency for funds will be available the next day or sooner.

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