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As a parolee or probationer, you know that you need to make your corrections payment on time. You know what the consequences are if you fail to pay before the due date. So you need to choose a payment system that can guarantee your money will be received by your agency quickly and JPay is the best solution for that.

JPay has 5 different methods to help you with your parole and probation payment obligation. If you prefer paying with cash, you simply need to go to any MoneyGram agent location worldwide. If you don’t want to go outside and prefer to pay with debit or credit card, you can make the payment via or JPay mobile app. You will need to make a JPay account if you want to pay via these two methods. It is very easy and afterwards, you can set recurring payments to make sure your agency will always receive your money on time. A toll-free phone is also available 24/7 and a live agent will help you make the payment with debit or credit card.

If you don’t have debit or credit card or JPay account, you don’t have to worry. You can also make your corrections payment with JPay Money Orders. To pay with this method, you simply need to fill out the money order form and make it payable to JPay. After that, download the Deposit Form in JPay website and fill out the Money Order Deposit Slip. Put the money order and Deposit Slip in an envelope and mail it to JPay. Please remember that money order often get delayed so make sure you send the money one several days before the due date.

You can choose which JPay payment method you find most convenient. Whether you are making restitution, self-report fee or supervision fee payment, everything will be done safely and accurately if you trust JPay to handle your payment.

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