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Michigan Department of Corrections has 34 secured correctional facilities. If your loved ones is currently an inmate in one of those facilities, you can use JPay services to communicate with them. JPay services available in each Department of Correction are different.

Michigan DOC has three types of services: Send Money, Email and Outbound Email. The function of each service is as follows.


Send Money

Your inmate definitely needs some money to spend on the prison. If you want to send some money to your loved ones in prison and you want to make sure that the money is received well, JPay is the best solution. JPay provides various easy and convenient ways of sending money to an inmate. You can use debit or credit card to send the money via JPay online system or send a money order via JPay Money Order Lock Box.


Your inmate will want to hear your news and what’s going on outside the prison walls. Sending an email is the best way to update your loved ones about your condition at home. The best advantage of using JPay email service is certainly its speed. Your inmate can receive your letter under 48 hours which is definitely much faster than the ordinary snail mail. To send an email, you will need to purchase JPay stamps first. The fee for $20 stamps is only $5.00. This is very affordable compared to the traditional postage, especially if you live miles away from your loved one’s correctional facility.

Outbound Email

With this service, your loved ones will not only be able to read your email, but they can also send an email back to you. This is really a privilege because outbound email is not available in every DOC. To send an email to you, your inmate also needs to purchase the stamp which they can buy at JPay Kiosk available in the correctional facility.

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