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To communicate with someone, either friend or family, who become an inmate is not easy. There are so many procedures to agree and perhaps the location of the jail is far from your house which is unable for you to always stay connected to him or her. Talking, sending money perhaps become difficult because of the limitations of the inmate in meeting people.

JPay online is present to break the limitations. JPay can help inmate to stay connected with their relatives or friends. JPay presents several services to help inmates with their friends or relatives. The services can be done in more than 30 states across the country. This company is based in United States with the headquarter is in Miramar, Florida. Being founded in 2002 by Ryan Shapiro which then become a CEO until 2016, JPay has a number of services such as sending money, sending emails, sending a videogram, buying a JPay player, buying phone time and scheduling a video visitation. Those services may apply based on the location of your inmate because the facility of the location perhaps can be different.

JPay online enables you to send money via Send Money page. You can also send money over the phone. You just have to dial 1-800-574-5729. MoneyGram also can be used to send money if you want to send it in cash. In several states, you can send money via JPay’s money order. You have to be sure that the coupon that you have downloaded corresponds to the state of the inmate. The last, you can use Lobby kiosk by using a credit card.

Via JPay website, you can send email to your beloved inmate. First, you have to buy stamps. You are able to attach some attachments in your email like photograph, VideoGram and others. The email that you deliver can be in the form of electronic or printed format, depending on the facility.

A VideoGram is a recording which uses webcam in your computer. You are able to attach VideoGrams in your email. The VideoGram only can be done for 30 seconds.

JPay player enables an offender or inmate to download and listen to the songs. They are also able to play games and listen to radio. The inmates can buy it by themselves using the money that you always transfer/ JPay credits or you can buy it for them .

Prepaid Phone Time or The Friend and Family Advance Connect in JPay enables the offender to call you or anyone. They can call anyone on their caller list. The Advance Connect account must be financed by you and you need to register your phone number. After you register, you will receive a pass code which can be used to send funds to their account of Advance Connect.

JPay online also facilitates you to meet the inmate without coming to the jail. It can be done via JPay’s Video Visitation service. You can do this whenever, at home or on the go. You and your inmate must join the video visitation at the time which has been appointed.

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