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JPay is a corrections-related service provider which is founded in 2002. It was established by Ryan Shapiro who become a CEO of the company until 2016 and then it was changed by Errol Feldman as a new CEO. JPay is based in the United States and its headquarters in Miramar, Florida. It has contracts with state Departments of Correction (DOC), private federal prisons and county jails to supply services and technologies which include email, money transfer, video visitation and parole and probation payments. It contains of 1.5 million inmates in 35 states.

Shapiro stated that the goal of the company is becoming a company which is the nation’s digital consumer app for prisons. So, JPay has an official site. JPay official site, not Jaypay official site, is www.jpay.com. In the website, you can see a lot of products and features that are owned by JPay. The products and services are sending money, devices of communications and inmate, payments for parole and probation, charitable donations and others.

Jaypay Official Site
Money transfer is a product of JPay which allows the friend or family of inmate to deposit money to the commissary of inmate or trust account. It offers payments which are electronic based through phone, online, and mobile app channels. JPay also team up with MoneyGram to allow cash at agent locations of MonaeyGram’s U.S. such as CVS/pharmacy and Walmart. In addition, the company also handle money orders in the name of its agencies which is contracted.

JPay serves services to enable inmates and their family and friends to be able to communicate. The communication can be in the form of email, video visitation, videogram, tablet computer (JP5) and instant messaging. More information about this, you can access Jpay official site not Jaypay official site.

Parole and probation payment of JPay enable for offenders to do payment services to make community corrections and payments for court-ordered. JPay also propose a release card.

Charitable donations of JPay make contributions to fund scholarship for prison inmates’ kids from corporate sponsors and prison inmates. And JPay has become one of the corporate supporters of the Creative Corrections Education. In 2014, the charity provided $63,000 in scholarships more than the previous two years.

If you visit JPay official site, not Jaypay official site, in the home page, there will be a lot of options. You can search prison or inmate by entering the state and the ID of inmate. You are also able to look for more information about inmate services like money transfer, email and videogram, education, JPay player and video visitation just by one click. There is also parole and probation services like restitution, supervisions fees, court fees, self-report fees and release card. In addition, there is another feature of JPay website that is social which consists of blog of JPay, forum of JPay, Facebook, Twitter and Our Community and you just have to click those in one click because those features are in the form of links. JPay is a solution to make easiness of communication between friend or family and the inmate.

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