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You may be think that being an inmate you will not be able to do anything as you want. The limitations that the inmates have do not allow them to do the things as free as they want. Yet, there is a company that is able to make the inmates to do the things which are usually needs complicated procedures like receiving money from friends or family, meeting with their friends or family and the other things.

Because now, there is JPay which can help people to be able to keep connected with their inmates. If inmates need something they also can use JPay. One of the services is JPay inmate money (not Jay Pay inmate money).

JPay provides several services such as sending money, sending email, video visitation, buying media and education. The family or friends of inmates can transfer money. Those money can be used by the inmates to cover their needs during they are in jail. Transfer via JPay is secure and quick. It can be done from your comfortable home using computer, smartphone (or even conventional phone), or MoneyGram agent.

If you send money using JPay, it will arrive in the next day. Because it uses an online system, money transfer transactions can be used by credit cards. And it enables you to recurring payments and also you can transfer money to the multiple inmates if allowed.

You can also send money via money order. You are able to transfer money to the JPay Money Order Lockbox  which will process your transfer electronically.

JPay inmate money, not Jay Pay inmate money, can be used by the inmates to buy their needs and also to buy something from JPay. What can inmates buy at JPay? Inmates can buy media such as JP5 tablets. Actually, family or friends can buy it for the inmates. But, if you do not see the options to buy the device and you see that JP5 is available in inmate’s location, you are able to send them money so they can buy it by themselves.

Through JPay, inmates can buy music. Music will not make inmates feel bored. Using JP5, inmates can download songs more than 10 million titles from music library. It includes hits from popular artists of the day.

Through JPay Media Account or JPay Credits, your inmates are able to purchase all the things in JPay. You just have to fund their media account and then they are able to get started. JPay inmate money, not Jay Pay inmate money, which is in a Media Account can be used by the inmates to buy several things from JPay such as JP5 tablet, e-books, games, songs and music albums, printouts and electronic stamps.

You can fund their Media Account by logging on or making a JPay account. Choose ‘Music’ or ‘Send JPay Credits’ from your home page and follow the prompts OR. Then, Call customer service representative to speak. Finally, your funds for inmates will arrive in the next day.

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