JPay Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

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JPay Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction provides many benefits for inmates’ family and friends. The service does not require the people who want to keep in touch and send money to leave their house. Some of the applications that are offered including Outbound email, email, video visit, music, and also inbound video grams. Sending money, letters, and stay connected with your loved ones can be done in better and faster way.

One of the best offers from JPay Ohio is fast money order and also transfers. Family and friends of the inmate are not supposed to concern about the money they send since the service guarantees high security. JPay Ohio also conducts partnership with the states, county, and many facilities around the country. The facilities include Belmont Correctional Institution, Dayton Correctional institution, Lake Erie Correctional institution, Hocking Correctional Facility, Madison Correctional Institution, and so forth. There are several things that you should know before you send money order by using JPay Ohio. The first recommendation is to fill and complete the slip. The next thing that you should do is to  type or print any information that you need with black or blue ink. For family and friends of inmates who want to make order via JPay, they should make the order payable. All the names of the inmates should be written properly as well as their ID. The name and ID should be placed in the “memo” or in the “used for” page.


JPay Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction makes everything easier for anyone. You can consider this service as one stop shop. You can pay parolees, make community payment, probation, and many more. By using JPay, people in Ohio do not need to deal with many kinds of paper works and you will be at ease since your money will be send quickly and safely.

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