JPay Money Order Deposit Form for Inmate Deposits

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JPay offers convenient and reliable service for friends and family of the inmates who need payment solutions. Federal correctional facilities, state, and also county have provided its assistance toward the service. JPay does not require you to leave house. For that reason, you can do any kind of payment and contact just by sitting in front of your computer or laptop at home.

There are some applications that you can use like Education, Email, Video visit, music, and also inbound video grams. In other words, you can stay connected with your inmates’ family and also friends.  Probably the most significant to know is that JPay is one of the best as well as the quickest way to transfer and secure money. But, how do we send money order by using JPay? Well, you may know exactly that money order can take days. There are several things that you need to know before making money order through JPay. First of all, you should write clearly anything related to the information they need in order to prevent any delay, especially in the process of money order. Second, you should never include in your order any kind of letter or note since it will be thrown away. Third, do verify the name of the inmate as well as the DC correctly. Fourth, the order will never be preceded without any valid mailing address or email.


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The first thing that you need to send money order is to complete the slip. You should type or print with black or blue ink. Second, you need to make the order payable via JPay. Put the name of the inmate as well as the ID on the “used for” or “memo” part. Third, you should also use money order postal from US. Fourth, put everything you need in the envelope including the slip and he money order. The last thing you should mail envelop to JPay.

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