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Are you having trouble dealing with payment for your inmates’ family or friends? JPay offers convenient and reliable service for people who need payment solutions. The service has developed partnership with federal correctional facilities, state, and also county. There is list of correctional facilities like Northern Sate, Northwest State, Chittenden Regional, Marble Valley Regional, and so forth.

What are the benefits of using JPay service? Well, obviously this service does not require you to leave house. There are some applications that you can use like Education, Email, Video visit, music, and also inbound video grams. In other words, you can stay connected with your inmates’ family and also friends. You can send money, love, as well as connected.


Probably the most significant to know is that JPay is one of the best as well as the quickest way to transfer and secure money. JPay is so easy to use; it also enables friends and family of inmates to communicate directly. Perhaps you have ever felt in-secure whenever you send money to inmates; however, by using JPay, you no longer need to be worry. The service guarantees that you will be able to transfer as quickly as possible and also affordable. The partnership that has been established with the Department of Correction around the country gives more advantages. You can send money and love, and stay connected.

JPay cares! They educate inmates so that they will be skillful people and they won’t be recidivism. The education program is called JPay’s Lantern. The program is accessible for any inmate who would like to be a better person in the future. Overall, friends and family of inmates should never be worry when using the service from JPay since it will ensure that everything you and your loved ones need will be covered and guaranteed.

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