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Marin County Jail is located at 13 Peter Behr Dr. San Rafael, California. JPay service is also available in this correctional facility and it will help you keep in touch with your inmate. This prison allows two types of JPay service and there is one JPay Lobby Kiosk here that can be used by the inmates to read emails from their families. The JPay services available in this correctional facility are as follows.

Send Money

Send Money is one of the most important JPay services and it is available in every DOC in the USA. With this service, you can easily send money to your inmate with the method you find convenient. There are 4 methods that you can use to send money to an inmate. Usually, the money will be received by your inmate the day after.


You can transfer the money with debit or credit card via JPay Online, JPay Mobile and toll-free phone. Moreover, you can also easily wire your money via JPay Money Orders feature. The more money you send, the bigger the rate will be. If you want to send money to your loved ones in Marin County Jail, please note that the maximum amount allowed is 300.00


Your inmate will not only need your money. They will also want to know how your life is going outside. Even some short and simple news can make them so happy. So, make sure you always remember to write to them. Thanks to JPay, you can easily send an email to them and they will receive your email within 48 hours. You will need to purchase JPay stamp to be able to send the email. Unfortunately, Outbound Email service is not available in this prison so they cannot email you back. But if you write your snail mail address on the email, your inmate can write back to you via traditional postage.

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