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To communicate with inmates can be difficult thing. But, for the help of internet and the existence of correctional-related services company, people can easily communicate with inmate in any methods. Sending money, sending packages, meeting with the inmate directly or indirectly using phone or webcam is very possible.

In some correctional companies or departments, there is commissary order list (JPay commissary order list). The commissary order list is provided to buy limited food, hygiene, and the other personal things. The prerogative of buying those items can be based on inmate’s behaviour, and custody. So, the new inmate is not usually able to have that privilege. And if the inmates have bad behaviour, they also can not have the privilage to buy something that they want in commisary order list. To make a commissary order, ¬†you usually have to know the state and facility where the inmate is housed and also the ID number of inmate.

JPay is one of correctional-related companies that supplies the services for inmates and their family or friends to stay connected. JPay which was built in 2002, has services that spread in more than 30 states. To know what state that uses JPay services, you can check it from the website of JPay in Availability and Pricing page. Remember that not all departments of corrections or location uses the services of JPay even though the state is registered in JPay. So, you have to make sure that facility of JPay is available in the location of your inmate by checking the availability in the website. The services that are offered by JPay are also not available in all location. So, you have to check it too, before sending money or anything else.

The services of JPay that can help you to stay connected with your inmates are sending money, sending email, sending video, doing video visitation, buying JPay player and paying parole and probation. Is there JPay commissary order list? In the website, we can not find whether JPay can do commissary order list or not. If you need some information about that, you can ask further to the customer support which can help you 24 hours. Or perhaps, it depend on the agency of your inmate, so you are able to ask to the agency of your inmate.

JPay’s main service is sending money. Sending money via JPay can arrive to the inmate in the next day. The process is very quick, secure and trusted. The rate is also competitive. You can check the rate for every transfer in the availability and pricing page in the website of JPay. The rate is based on the amount of transfer, the facility and the method of transfer. The method of transfer can be done through 5 ways. They are online payment, via phone call, lobby kiosk, MoneyGram, and money order.

Okay , that is all the description of JPay commissary order list, for more information you can browse the website of JPay or contact the customer support.

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