Ordering Commissary for an Inmate

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Long time ago, having a friend or family in jail makes people difficult to meet. It is because of the rules that make limitation of them to be able to meet with them. But now, there are a number of providers which held corrections-related service and they are able to help you keep in touch with your friends or family in jail.

One of the corrections-related service providers in the United States is JPay. Its headquarter of this company is in Miramar, Florida. To be able to operate its business, JPay cooperates with county jails, Departments of Correction (DOC), and also private federal prisons to provide technologies and services. The services of JPay includes money transfer, video visitation, email and also parole and probation payments to almost 1.5 million inmates throughout 35 states.















As we know that, prisoners are not permitted to have money. If they can earn money from working a job in prison or they are received money from their family, it will go to their personal trust fund. This is called commissary money. Even though the prisoners are incarcerated, in the jail they are provided meals, basic clothing and a few very basic personal care items. If they have a good behaviour, they will be allowed to use their trust fund money to buy additional supplies from the prison store or commissary. Commissary day is usually held once a every two weeks. At that time, they will take a list of items that they want to buy and stand in line at the commissary window. When their commissary order is filled, they will walk away with a bag of precious commodities such as instant soup, coffee, cookies, chips, canned foods, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, stamps and writing paper. If they have a permission, they are also able to buy things such as fans, clock, shoes, underclothing and basic over the counter medications.

To be able to order commissary, the prisoners need to have money. They are not allowed to have currency in their possession. But, they are provided a commissary account. All money will be sent to them and it will be put on their commissary account. Money that they have on a commissary account can be sued to pay for items purchased from the commissary store. Through JPay, you are able to send them money. There are some methods that you are able to use to transfer money. First, you can send them money via online payments and you can do it via the website of JPay. Second, you are able to send them money over the phone by calling 1-800-574-5729. Third, you are able to send money through MoneyGram. Fourth, you are able to send money via Money Order. And fifth, you are also able to send money to an inmate through Lobby Kiosk. Those five methods are provided by JPay to make people easy in sending money to the inmates so that the inmates are able to buy important things or order commissary as long as they have money in their account.

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