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In this era with the sophistication of technology, to search and even stay connected with inmate can be easier. The existence of internet can be very helpful in getting in touch with people including people in a jail or inmate. JPay as a company of correctional-related services use the easiness of internet to serve the services for people to stay connected with inmates.

JPay provides a lot of services such as sending money, sending email, sending videogram, buying phone time, scheduling video visitation, paying parole and probation, and buying JPay player. Even the inmate is also able to experience the education which can get from JPay’s Lantern, KA Lite, e-books, and educational games. The education that is held by JPay aims to update the inmate’s knowledge and to reduce the recidivism.

Money transfer via JPay is fast, secure and believable. The transfer can be done at your home via your laptop, computer, and via MoneyGram agent. Even, you can do it via your smartphone using JPay App (Las Vegas womenjpay app for Windows). The ways of transferring money via JPay can be in several ways such as online payments, over the phone, MoneyGram, Money Order, and Lobby kiosk. If you want to send money via phone, you can call 1-800-574-5729. The variety ways of sending money is to make people easier to send money to their beloved incarcerated one.

You can also send email if you have something to say without meeting the inmate. When sending the email, you can also attach photos and videos. The email that you send will require stamp and it can be bought online at JPay kiosks in the correctional facility.

If you want to meet your inmate but you do not have time to visit the jail or the location where your inmate is housed is very far, doing video visitation with your inmate can be the best solution. To use that service, you have to schedule a video visitation and you do not have to worry because a calendar function on JPay makes it simple to make an appointment.

You can vanish the boredom of your inmates by buying them JPay player. The player or tablet enables the inmate to listen to music, read and write emails, play games, see video and photos and access educational materials.

You can browse the website of JPay in your browser by typing in in your address bar. Or there is another option that will also make you simple. You can download JPay app in the Google Play or App Store for free. Las Vegas womenjpay app for Windows can make your process of sending money and doing the other activities relating with your inmates is easier as long as you have internet connection.

So, if you want to be easy in stay connecting with your inmate, just simply open the website of JPay in your browser.Or it will be easier to download the JPay App in your smartphone. That’s all the description about Las Vegas womenjpay app for Windows. Hopefully, it will be helpful. Happy trying!

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