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JPay the trusted leader in inmates services with intelligent, secure, technology. The corrections industry is the most demanding and high-pressure workplace in the world. Efficiency, security and functionality is necessities. JPay know your agency is face, budgetary constraints that security threats due to the economy that’s why since 2002 JPay has been providing cost free e-commerce solutions to correctional agencies. Recognized as the industry leader in inmate services currently over 1 million inmates and their families nationwide.

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JPay goal is to provide technology solutions that drive efficiency and strengthen security with the most experienced, professional and fully licensed provider inmate services today.

JPay advantages are complete packages in inmate services, provided to your facility at no cost to you. Our unique is innovative technology-based solutions offers the following key advantages:

– the reduction a redundant and unnecessary data entry
– the reduction from dangerous nuisance countryman
– increase security
– streamlined communications with friends and family
– inconvenient in less time consuming way for your staff
– an opportunity to create additional revenue streams for your institution

JPay achieve these important goals by providing state of the art services such as money transfer. JPay provides at no cost to your facility are proven electronic payment system so friends and family inmate’s can send money to DOC trust accounts instantly. Using online portal eliminating the time-consuming and inconvenient of traditional money order process. Payments can be made online at For over the phone by calling JPay toll-free number (800) 574-5729 with over 100 multilingual agents available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

For further information please see the following JPay video:

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