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The state government of America has some offender search engines that accurately referred to as inmate locator.  You can find an inmate by using keyword of name or IDOC number. IDOC is Indiana/Idaho/Illinois Department of Correction in form large database to provide anything status about offenders or inmates in the USA.

IDOC Inmate Search

You can utilize the JPay services and some official government sites below:

IDOC Idaho

IDOC Indiana

IDOC Illinois

Various policies have been made to reduce the impact of isolation on prisoners so that they are expected to become a better human being in prison and when he gets out.

Before you visit a friend inmate, should download and read first the IDOC Visitation Policy and Guidelines also other necessary documents here. So that all runs smoothly and safely.

With JPay anything will be easy, you can make online visitation application and submit it via your JPay account.

But if you want other choice using the ‘Printed Application, it will be quite a time-consuming because the process is completely manual. Imagine this way is long time! you should first contact the offender to request a copy of the form and then send back the filled application to that IDOC facility via post office because they do not allow e-mail and facsimile. Furthermore, you should waiting for approval to be able to visit. So the best way is using JPay.

Visiting hours could be various depend on different IDOC facility, please call the contact listed at the website above.

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