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It is not easy to meet person who become an inmate. Because in the jail, inmates has limitations which limit them to meet people and do anything that they want. It will also be sadness for family or friends because they can not keep in touch with their inmate as often as they want. Moreover, if the jail is very far it will be an obstacle too for the family or friends to visit the inmate.

But don’t worry. Now, there is a company which is able to help family and friends of inmate to stay connected with their inmate whenever and wherever. If they miss the inmate, they can meet them via video visitation, send email or VideoGram. Or even they can send fund for the inmate so that the inmate can fulfill their needs during in the jail. Here are the description about reviews.

JPay is a company which was founded in 2002 by Ryan Shapiro. He then become a CEO but only until 2016 and changed by Errol Feldman. The company was located in New York and moved to Miami in 2005. Then, the headquarters of JPay moved again from Miami to Miramar, Florida in 2011. It was aimed to accommodate a larger call center.

JPay has several key services. They are transferring money, sending email, sending VideoGram, Buying a JPay Player, Buying phone time, and scheduling a video visitation. You can transfer money in some ways:

  1. Via through Send Money page.
  2. Via phone to 1-800-574-5729.
  3. Via MoneyGram. To use it, you will be required the correctional ID of inmate, inmate’s last name, name of facility or receive code.
  4. Via Money Order, you will be required money order or check of a cashier and the coupon of Jpay money order which can be downloaded in JPay website.
  5. Transferring via Lobby Kiosk can be done by using a credit card. But first, you have to check the availability and price page to see whether your inmate’s location is facilitated with lobby kiosk.

Beside sending money, reviews can send an email. To send an email you have to buy stamps. In your email, you can add some attachments like photograph, video and so on. The email can be received in the form of printed format or electronic format. It depends on the facility.

VideoGram is one of attachment that you can attach in your email. But, the duration of the video is limited to 30 seconds.

There is also JPay player. It enables inmates to download and listen to the songs. They are also able to play games and listen to FM radio on the player.

Can an inmate call you? Yes, via JPay it is possible. The inmates can call you or anyone on their call list using The Friend and Family AdvanceConnect (Prepaid Phone Time).

Do you want to meet your inmates but the location is far? You can meet them via JPay’s video visitation. Remember, you and your inmate have to join the visitation at the appointed time.

That’s all the description about reviews. Hopefully, it will be beneficial.

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