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JPay which is a company of corrections-related service provider in the United States has several services for you and your inmates to stay connected each other. Sending money, video visitation, phone call, sending email, sending a videogram, or even buying JPay player for playing games and listening to music can be done through JPay. Even, if you want to search inmates, you can do in JPay website, for instance you want to do inmate search NC Mecklenburg.

In this article, we are going to discuss about inmate search of NC Mecklenburg. Before the description, it is better to know first about Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg is a county in the United States which is exactly on the border in the southwestern part of the state of North Carolina. The population of Mecklenburg is 919,628 as of the 2010 census. As of the 2015 estimate, it increased to 1,034,070. It makes Mecklenburg to be the most populous county in North Carolina. At a time, it becomes the first county which can surpass 1 million in population in Carolina. The largest city and county seat is Charlotte.

To do inmate search NC Mecklenburg, the first thing you have to do is visiting JPay website. The website address is On the home page, you will see there are two boxes in the left side, a state box and an inmate ID box. There, you can anter the state of inmate’s location and their ID of inmate which is valid. If you want to search inmates of Mecklenburg, it means you have to select North Carolina in the state box. And the system will search for possible matches. If you find that there are multiple matches, you can choose the right inmate from the list. If you have an account in JPay, you can add and remove inmates as you find necessary.

If the system does not permit you to select the location, it can caused by several reasons.

  1. JPay does not service the location
  2. The inmate was transferred or even released
  3. You have chosen wrong inmate

So, you have to make sure that your inmate’s information is clear. If you do not have needed information about your inmates, you can still look for records if you enter incomplete information. But the correct state is very important. Enter a lot of information that you know in the search fields. If you do not see the result yet, you are able to call the agency or the facility and ask further details.

To know about the location of your inmate you can look to the outside of envelope that was sent by inmate previously, by calling the facility, or you can check online for public offender records.

That’s the information about how to search inmate and in this example is inmate search NC Mecklenberg. It may be useful for you to search inmate via JPay. And if you want to do some other services to connect you with your inmates, don’t forget to visit JPay’s site.

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