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To meet with your inmates everyday perhaps become something difficult because of several complicated procedures. Not only for meeting, to do the other things like transferring money, buying them some items and others may be not as easy as you think. To solve those problems, JPay is present to provides several services to make you as friends or family of inmates easy to do some things even for inmate search Riverside County California for example.

Yes, if you want to look for inmates, you can search using JPay website. The system of JPay is made to make the process of searching inmate easy. Every page in website of JPay has a box that enables you to enter the valid ID of inmate. Then, it is going to search the system for matches that is possible. If you find the multiple matches, you can choose the right inmate from the list that is available. To do anything via JPay, you must register first. If you have registered and made account in JPay, you are able to add and even delete inmates if it is necessary.


For example, you want to do inmate search California Riverside. How to do that? Before the explanation about the way of searching inmates, let’s find out first about Riverside County, California. Riverside County in California is a county in United States. It is included in the Riverside San Bernardino Ontario, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area which known as Inland Empire. Besides, it also included in the Los Angeles Long Beach, CA Combined Statistical Area. According to census in 2010, the population of Riverside County is 2,189,641. The number of population in Riverside makes this county become the 4th most populous county in California. Besides, it also becomes the 11th most populous in the United States.

Okay, now let’s find out about how to do inmate search Riverside County California using JPay website. The first thing that you do is you have to visit JPay website namely In the homepage, there will be a lot of things such as the box for searching inmates, friends and family forum link, parole and probation link, Login box, the feeds of twitter, information link about JPay, Contact of JPay, Help, Inmates services link that consist of money transfer, video visitation, email and VideoGram, education and JPay Player. There is also Parole and Probation which has several links such as restitution, release card, supervisions fees, self report fees and court fees. Well, you can select the state and then enter the inmate ID. After that, you can click Next. If you can not find your inmates, it can happens because the inmate is not in the system yet. So, just keep trying because the prison lists will be up to date in 3 to 4 days. Or it also can happen because the services of JPay are not available in all US correctional facilities yet.

Jpay is present to help people to stay connected with their inmates. So, use JPay as your medium to do some services for your inmates.

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