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Currently, prisoners can connect to the outside world through which inmates can easily send emails, electronic cards, and videograms to friends and family via a tablet. It’s surely different from the past where inmates could only use landline phones to contact their families.

A company called JPay.Inc has recently released several new series of tablets for the prison population including JP5S Mini, JP5S Tablet and JP6S Tablet. Moreover, the company contracts with state Departments of Correction (DOC) county jails and also private federal prisons to serve technologies and services.

Based in the United States with its headquarters in Miramar, Florida, the services that the company provides here include email, money transfer, video visitation and parole as well as probation payments to approxoimately 1.5 million prisoners throughout 35 states.

JPay Tablets Price

Are you looking for the price of JPay tablets for each series? If so, let’s see the JPay tablets price below!

JPay Tablets Price

JPay tablets absolutely offer the flexible options to assist incarcerated individuals stay connected with their family and friends. Aside from that, the tablets here can be used by prisoners to access education and any courses so that they can prepare to continue a better life after incarceration.

The JPay tablets had three models with universal features. The benefits and the features here include:

  • A phone call
  • Send and receive emails, VideoGrams and eCards
  • Available for eBooks, podcasts and course materials to advance their education
  • Daily news
  • Purchase play games, music and rent movies

From the services offered by JPay Tablets, we think that it’s so worth as it provides any features to your incarcerated loved one.

Here are for JPay Tablet models:

  1. JP5 Tablet

The JP5 tablets have two models including JP5 Mini and JP5 S. The JP5 tablets series are now available in select states. Of course, the availability of the JP5 tablets varies depending on the state, facility and other factors.

  • JP5 Mini

This tablet model includes accessories such as screen protector and earbuds. But, the accessories here can only be available in a few states. The JP5 Mini has 4.3” touchscreen with 16 GB storage. JP5 Mini tablets are Wi-Fi capable.

  • JP5 S

For the JP5 Ss series, it has a larger screen size than the JP5 Mini. The JP5 S has 7” touchscreen with 32 GB storage. JP5 S tablets are Wi-Fi capable.


Of course, the features for both JP5 Mini and JP5 S are totally the same. The differences are in the storage and on the screen size. Here are for the features of both:

  • Improved email program
  • Portable and touchscreen feature
  • New music app completed with playlists build
  • Available for some services including FM radio, photo gallery, notepad, calculator, calendar apps and also stopwatch.
  • Available for some accessories including screen protector, earbuds and batteries or charger.
  • Media and Video store
  • News
  • eBook reader
  • Some options for game store and game selection
  • JPay’s Lantern education and KA Lite apps
  • Easy to understand and simple to use

Price: Approximately $70 ( The price will be different in some states)

  • JP6 S Tablet

JP6 is the newest of the JPay tablets series. This tablet model offers the newest and most advanced tablet in corrections. It also provides greater performance wirth faster processors for an increased user experience and also a stronger battery for extended battery life.

JP6 features a 7” Touchscreen with 32GB storage. With the larger size of resolutions, it offers a better resolution. With thinner hardware design, it’s also easy handling and use. Of course, the features for the JP6 tablet are the same as JP5 Mini and JP5 S series.

Price: Approximately more than $70 ( The price will be different in some states). The exact price of the JP6 tablet is unclear.

To see which version of both JP5 and JP6 tablets are available in your location and what the retail price of each device is, you surely have to log into your JPay account.

How to Get the JPay Tablets?

To get the JPay tablets, you surely have to follow some ways. Here’s how to get a tablet for your loved one in prison:

You firstly need to login or create a JPay account to buy a tablet. If the JP6S is not available to purchase, you can fund their Media account to provide funds which they can use to buy the new tablet.

Media Account here is also well-known as JPay Credits as an account which is managed by your loved one. From this media account, your loved one can totally buy a tablet, music and songs album, games, stamps, printout, and also movies.

Afterwards, JPay will kindly prepare and send the tablet to the agency. Once received, the agency will deliver it to your loved one in prison.

That’s it! Giving a tablet to your loved one in prison is totally easy, isn’t it?

Is the JPay tablet safe and safe and controlled?

About 60,000 tablets of the predecessor to the 2010 JP Mini and JP4 are recently in use in 11 states. If you want to communicate with inmates, you should access the JPay web platform or get the free JPay app on iPhone or Android. To send email and video messages, you and the inmate need to buy 40 cents of postage each time.

Despite being free to use tablets, inmates are closely monitored by filtering messages. About 8,000 words such as “run away”, slang, gang names, and more were filtered out. Well, prisoners were also identified based on the level of threat their level of custody might pose.

Prisoners who have tablets do not mean they can own several social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, this device is equipped with a safe bootloader on the Android operating system so that no other operating system can be installed. So, inmates cannot manipulate the platform.

To note, everything runs on the JPay platform. Prisoners do not have internet access – mostly. Even though the JP5mini has portable Wi-Fi, however, it can be activated if the correction facility chooses to activate it.

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