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JPay is a company which cooperates with county, state, and facilities of federal correctional across the country to serve services that are reliable, safe and convenient for friends and family of inmates. It also can be a solution for parolees, probationers and offenders for doing payments. To use the services of JPay for example you want to do inmate search Ozaukee County Jail, you have to access the website of JPay first that is Then, you need to register online. After registering, you can have access to the services of JPay to help the inmate which is your family or friend.

After you register in JPay, you have to make a user account to transfer money or to communicate with your offender or inmate. The services that are offered by JPay are sending email, sending money, sending VideoGram, buying phone time, buying a JPay Player, and Scheduling a video visitation.

For example, we want to look for inmate search Ozaukee County Jail, can we search for inmate or prison in JPay website? Of course, we can. How to do that? Before explanation about the way to search inmate or prison, let’s take a look about the Ozaukee County first.

Ozaukee County is located in the U.S., state of Wisconsin. The county seat of Ozaukee County is in Port Washington. The county is included in the Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI Metropolitan Statistical Area. It was founded in 1853 and based on the cencus in 2010, the population of Ozaukee County is 86,395. And based on the cencus which is held in 2000, this county become the 2nd lowest poverty rate of any county in the United States. In June 2008, Forbes magazine gave the 2nd rank for Ozaukee County on the list of America’s Best Places To Raise A Family because of the rates of crime which is low and the rates of high graduation of school districts.

To look for inmate or prison in JPay website, for example we want to do inmate search Ozaukee County Jail, we can access the website of JPay first. After that, you will be in the home page of JPay. In the home page, you will have a lot of options there. At the top of the page, there are several links. They are inmate search, prison search, help and Login. At the left side, there is a dark blue box which contains of two small rectangles to fill. Under that box, there are friends and family forum link and also parole and probation link. At the right side, there is twitter feeds. And, at the bottom of the page there are links to Home, About, Inmate Search, Prison Search, Contact, Help, Inmate Services, Parole and Probation, and Social. You can select Inmate Search or Prison Search. After that, you will be led to a map of states and you have to choose the state on the map or in the lists of the states under the map. Then, you can select the county jail that you are looking for.

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