Is There a Limit on JPay?

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If we talk about limitations in a service, of course there is and you should pay attention to it. If you use services of JPay, there are also some limits in the services and it is important for you to know so that you are able to use the services effectively.

Limit in Sending Money Through JPay

If we talk about using the services of JPay, it varies because it depends on the facility and also state. So, it will be better for you to ask whether the service that you want to use from JPay is available or not in the facility where your loved one is incarcerated. You can check it on the Availability and Pricing page in the JPay website or you are able to ask the customer service of JPay.

How about sending money to more than one inmate? This also varies by state. To know whether you can send money to your loved one, you can access the website of the appropriate DOC for clarification on their money transfer policies and regulations.

Limit in Sending Email Through JPay

Because the inmate is incarcerated, so there may be some limits that you have to go through including sending email to them. You are not allowed to send inappropriate messages. Let’s say that you attach inappropriate photos or videos on your email, then it is prohibited.

Another limit is that inmates do not have access to the internet which means that the email of JPay will work differently than your email program at home. So, it will take time to receive your email by the inmate. Inmates will be able to receive the email based on the schedule which is set by their facility. Also, the emails are subject to the similar screening and delivery rules which apply to traditional mail.

How about the limit to the amount of messages we send or receive? Well, you are allowed to send an unlimited amount of emails to your inmates.

If you want to send an email to an inmate, the length is limited. If you write the longer email, then it will require you to have more stamps. Also, if you attach photos or videos, it will also require you to have additional stamps.

Limit in Money Orders

According to Legal Agreements of JPay, in case the lockbox money order payment method is available to you, it is important for you to know that JPay will only accept money orders which are valued at $999.99 or less. Even in some states, the maximum amount can be less than this. If you want to know the maximum amount of money order of a certain state, you are able to access the JPay official website. There, you can check the money order limit which is applicable where the recipient lives.

If you send money order more than $999.99 or more than the maximum amount which is allowed in the relevant state, the money will be returned to you.

Limit in Video Visitation

Video visitation is one of the services which are offered by JPay. What is it? A video visitation is a virtual way to keep in touch with an inmate from your home. With this way, you are able to talk face to face with an inmate by using your personal computer from your home in a limited time. Of course, this service has a limit. You are just allowed to do a video visit in 30 minutes in a session. So, when you do a video visitation, it is better for you to use it effectively.

If you want to do a video visitation, you have to buy a video visitation session. To be able to buy it, you need to have a JPay account and also have a MasterCard, Visa or Discover on file. The other requirements that you need to prepare are you must be on the approved visitor list, having high speed internet access, having PC, speakers, webcam and microphone.

Limit in Videograms

How about sending a videogram? Does it have a limit as well? Same as doing a video visitation, a videogram that you send also has a limit. The limit of your videogram length is 30 seconds and you are able to send it as an attachment to an eMessage. You can make a videogram with a webcam and microphone from your personal computer.

Also, same as video visitation, if you want to make a videogram, you must be on the approved visitor list of the inmate, have a JPay account, have high speed internet access, and your PC needs to have microphone, speakers and a webcam.

Limit in Billing

Billing is something important that you need to know. With JPay, you can send money, buy them tablets and many more which need money. So, knowing the methods and also the limit is important. Well, in billing, not all payment methods are accepted by JPay. There are some limits. JPay only accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and cash.

How about debit cards? Does JPay accept it? Luckily, JPay accepts debit cards, gift cards, check cards and prepaid cards as long as they have the Visa, Discover, and MasterCard logo on them. Also, they must be registered to a valid US or international address.

About JPay

JPay is a company which provides safe, reliable and easy services for people of incarcerated persons. To apply the services, this company has cooperated with state, county and federal correctional facilities across the country. This company also provides payment solutions for parolees, offenders and probationers. This company provides good customer service and can deliver relevant products and services to a broad range of facilities.

In JPay, you are able to enjoy a number of services related to the inmate such as sending money, sending email, doing a video visitation, sending videograms, buy them a tablet so that they can enjoy education and entertainment and some more. With JPay, you will be able to stay connected with your loved ones even though they are incarcerated.

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