How Much Does It Cost to Send a Videogram on JPay?

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VideoGram is a recording feature which uses a webcam attached to your computer. Today, you can also attach a video email to send to an inmate. VideoGram feature can be mentioned as a great feature allowing you to send any videos to your loved one in prison. However, to send a video email to an inmate, you will be charged a certain fee.

Then, how much does the video email cost on JPay? Of course, the cost of a video email if you send through JPay site and JPay tablet will be different. Well, to know how much the VideoGram costs on both, let’s see our post below!,

VideoGram Cost If Send Through JPay Site

If you send a video email through JPay service, you have to pay around $0.30 each time. However, the cost of sending a video/ VideoGram to an inmate in prison is the same as sending a text email.

Moreover, one virtual JPay stamp will allow you to type up to 6000 characters which is equivalent to about 6 handwritten pages. The stamp cost here will vary depending on the facility. However, some facilities offer postage subscriptions. To know the price of a stamp, you can see it by accessing and select on the ‘Prison Search’ button.

VideoGram Cost If Send Through JPay Tablet

To send email and video messages through a JPay tablet, you and the inmate should buy 40 cents/ 0.4 dollar of postage each time. On the JPay tablet, you should spend  at least $ 0.35 to send one valuable email and twice as much to attach a photo and four times as much to attach a video.

Of course, we can conclude that the video on JPay tablet costs around $1.4 each time you send a VideoGram to an inmate in prison.

How to Create VideoGram?

In order to make VideoGram, the system actually will take control of your default web camera to create a recording of yourself for your friends or family. The VideoGram duration is limited to 30 seconds. If you want to create VideoGram, you can follow some ways below!

  • On the email dashboard, you should select on the Record Video option located on the Compose Page.
  • After that, select on the Record button in the VideoGram Room to record your VideoGram.
  • Then, a pop-up window will open to require you allowing the system to take control of your web camera and also microphone. select on the Allow button to start recording.

select on the Allow button to start recording

  • You probably will select the Pause button if you want to pause or stop recording before the time limit expires. Your VideoGram room will close at 9:21.

Record Video.

  • Once recording the VideoGram, you can also review the video by selecting on the Review button before sending it to the inmate.
  • When you’re done recording the VideoGram, you can then select on the Attach button to attach it to your email. In the way of attaching a Videogram to your email, you can repeat it 1 or 2 times to ensure the video is attached to your email.

Congratulations! You successfully create a VideoGram and then send it to your loved one in prison.

What Things You’ll Need to Create VideoGram

You may want to send a video email to your loved one in prison, of course you should purchase a VideoGram by accessing a using your account. You can then select on the video Tab and follow the further prompts there.

Before you can send a VideoGram email to an inmate, make sure you already know some requirements below!

  • You should be on the inmate’s approved visitor list
  • You must have an account on site.
  • You should have high-speed Internet access.
  • Your PC should have speakers and a microphone as two way audio functionality. While, a webcam is needed for two way video participation.

Well, that’s a list of requirements that you should fulfill before you create a VideoGram and send it to your loved one in prison.

How to Know You Send Successful VideoGram?

You may want to check whether your VideoGram is successfully completed or not when it’s sent to the inmate. Sure, there are plenty of ways that you can do to ensure you send successful VideoGram to inmate, here are they:

  • Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet well.
  • Check if your webcam is functioning properly.
  • Give enough light in the room where you will create a VideoGram but no direct light facing your webcam.
  • Make sure the radio, TV, or other source of noise is turned off before you start recording  your VideoGram.
  • Do not run any programs or downloads in the background while you are recording VideoGram due it will overload your processor causing programs to stop unexpectedly – including your VideoGram.

About JPay Services

JPay is a service provider which allows anyone to communicate with their beloved one in prisons. One of JPay services is JPay Mail as a great service that you can use to send emails to your loved one in prison. By doing this, you can stay in touch with your dear one.

In order to get JPay services, you totally should create an account on JPay site and log into to get any JPay services. Before you get access to JPay services, sure, there are plenty of JPay rules and Terms of Services that you should know. However, all JPay email reviews are positive as they can stay connected with their beloved in prison.

Here are some benefits that you can get from JPay services:

  • Stay connected with your loved one in prison.
  • Share your videograms at least 30-seconds duration with them along with email.
  • Send money to your loved one via JPay Money Transfer.
  • Stamps are available online for sending emails.
  • Send emails by attaching any files that can be opened by them.
  • Send photos by attaching them in your email.
  • Use the email just like any other one.
  • Snap n Send app is available to share any pictures.
  • Faster than any other email services.
  • Your loved one in prison will receive your email within 48 hours.

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