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You may want to send money to your inmate through JPay. However, you may want it to be anonymous. Is it possible to do that? Here, we will give you an explanation about being anonymous in JPay. In addition, we also will explain the other things about JPay.

Being Anonymous in JPay

Is it possible to be anonymous in JPay? According to the JPay Help section, it is explained that in most states, the inmate is notified who sent them the money. However, in other states, this information may not be available. So, it is better for you to send the inmate an email to inform them that you just sent money for them. You can send them an email to inform it as long as the facility where your inmate resides has email service.

In the Write Prisoner forum, there is someone who stated that you are not able to send money through JPay anonymously. They will get a notice of deposit to their trust fund and it identifies who the sender is. This person had sent some money orders in the past, and he is always required to enter his name and his address. If not, they would return it. However, to make sure whether you are able to send money anonymously, you can call the customer service of JPay.

Talking about anonymously in JPay, according to the Privacy Policy of JPay, it is explained that JPay will only disclose personally identifiable information to third parties under certain circumstances. JPay will share information with companies which help them process transactions such as credit card processors. Nevertheless, these third parties are notĀ  permitted to use your information for any secondary purposes.

Sending Money Service of JPay

Sending Money is one of the services which is offered by JPay. This service allows you to be able to send money to an inmate into their inmate trust account. Besides, this service also permits parolees, offenders and probationers to make their community corrections payments.

The Sending Money service of JPay is fast and reliable. You are able to transfer funds and make payments to corrections facilities and agencies in more than 30 states across the country.

Some Ways to Send Money Through JPay

There are some ways which are provided by JPay to send money to an inmate.

Sending Money Through Online Payments

If you decide to send money through online payments, you are able to access the website of JPay. Here are the steps to do that.

  • You have to access the home page of JPay. When you are on the home page, you have to click on the Navigation menu and then click on Send Money.

click on Send Money.

  • On the Send Money page, you have to do one of the things below.
    • In the Transfer Category list, you have to choose a transfer category and then click on the Continue.
    • Or, if no Transfer Category is available, you have to click on Continue.
  • You need to choose your payment method by choosing a previously saved card from the Select Card list. Or, you are able to click on Use A New Credit/ Debit Card if you want to use a new card.

You need to choose your payment method

  • You have to enter the amount of money that you want to send to the inmate in the Enter Amount field. And then, do not forget to click on Continue.
  • When you find the Payment Verification box, you have to make sure that the information is right and then click on Submit.

Sending Money Through the Phone

You are able to send money to an inmate through the phone. If you choose this method, you just have to call 1-800-574-5729.

Sending Money Through MoneyGram

You are also permitted to send cash to your inmate through MoneyGram. It is important for you to know that MoneyGram has a lot of convenient locations nationwide. Usually, MoneyGram services can be found in some establishments such as 7-11, Walmart, and CVS Pharmacy.

If you want to send money through MoneyGram, there are several things that you need including the correctional ID number of the inmate and also the last name of the inmate. In addition, you will also need the facility name or receive code. Where to find the list of receive codes? You are able to find it on the JPay website in the MoneyGram page.

Sending Money Through Money Order

Sending money to an inmate by using Money Order is available in some states. If you want to use this service, you have to make sure that the coupon that you download corresponds to the state where you will be sending the money order.

There are several things that you need if you want to send money through Money Order.

  • You need a cashier’s check or money order.
  • You need the JPay money order coupon for the state where you will send the money order.

You have to make sure that you send the cashier’s check or money order along with the JPay coupon to the right address which corresponds to the facility where your inmate is incarcerated.

Sending Money Through Lobby Kiosk

In the facility where your inmate is located may provide Lobby Kiosk. You are able to use a credit card at the lobby kiosks to send funds to an inmate. However, before you send money to an inmate through Lobby Kiosks, you have to check the Availability and Pricing page to see whether the facility where your inmate is located has lobby kiosks.

The Other Services of JPay

Besides being able to send money by using the methods above, you are also able to enjoy the other services of JPay. You are able to do a video visitation, send email, buy a tablet for your inmate, send videogram, and buy phone time. These services are provided by JPay to make you and your inmate stay connected. So, even though your loved one is incarcerated, you are stillĀ  able to communicate with them.

Even though JPay offers some services, but some services may not be available in some states or facilities. So, you can check the availability of the services first in the Availability and Pricing page on the JPay website.

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