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Is your loved one housed in Tulare County? If so, someday, you may need some information about your loved one either related to his/her detention period, release date, and anything else. But, you should make an appointment first when you visit the facility to meet your loved one.

No worries! Today, Tulare County also provides the ‘Inmate Search’ option that you can use to search for your inmate and find out some information shown on the result. So, how to use the Tulare County Inmate Search option? To get the tutorial, let’s see our post below!

Using the Tulare County Inmate Search Option, Here’s How!

Using the ‘Inmate Search’ option in Tulare County Inmate is pretty easy. However, you should know either your inmate’s first name, last name or also middle name. We think the Tulare County Inmate Search is easier than others, as you do not need the exact name of your inmate.

Inmate Search Tulare County

This ‘Inmate Search’ option shows you a list of recent inmates housed in Tulare County Jail. To find your loved one on the list, you just simply type his/her name. When you are typing the name or even the first letter of your loved one’s name, it will bring you the result.

To search for an inmate in Tulare County Jail, visit the Inmate Search page here.

When you click on that link, it will bring you a list of recent inmates housed in Tulare County Jail. You surely will see a list of inmates. To search for your inmate, you can type his/her name on the available ‘Search’ bar.

For example, if you type the name of ‘John’, there will be a number of inmates that have a name containing ‘John’. After it brings you the result, make sure to find your inmate’s name. Before clicking on an inmate, make sure to know his/her first name, middle name or also last name.

If you have found your inmate on the list, you can click on the ‘View’ link button. After clicking the ‘View’ link button, you will be taken into the information page about your inmate that you’re looking for.

Here are the example of  an inmate’s result:

  • Jacket: 700002064
  • Date of Birth: 06/30/1994
  • Race: H
  • Gender:Male
  • Booking: 04/14/2021 – 20:21
  • Arresting Agency: COURT REMAND
  • Bond Amount: $0.00
  • Court Release Date: 11/05/2021
  • CourtDate – CourtTime: 06/08/2022 – 20:21
  • Charges: SC-PV20 VC20002(A)-HIT AND RUN DRIVING
  • Felony: N

How to search an inmate again? You may want to search for more than one inmate’s information. You do not need to go to the Inmate Search page again, instead you can only click on the ‘Search Again’ button to start the search again. So, you can repeat step-by-step to search for an inmate that we have shown above.

Here’s for example of recent inmates list housed in Tulare County Jail:

Jacket Last






DOB Booking Date



3718 PADRON LAURA DIANNE 08/01/1970 2021-09-01 SHERIFF
100018755 SANCHEZ JAVIER 01/08/1964 2021-10-15 SHERIFF
100022896 MARTINEZ GARY 04/23/1987 2021-02-16 SHERIFF
200040711 ORNELAS RUDY RAY 01/21/1985 2021-10-27 SHERIFF
400000712 FITZGERALD CHASE 09/11/1999 2021-08-17 P’VILLE PD
400040183 BARAJAS FABIAN 12/31/1993 2015-10-02 VISALIA PD
500009108 FLOYD LUCAS DRAKE 11/13/1998 2019-02-19 VISALIA PD
500014554 GUTIERREZ TONY 08/13/1981 2021-09-10 COURT REMAND
500042608 SANDOVAL HAILEY ALEXANDRIA 10/27/1998 2021-07-10 SELF REMAND
500043047 RUELAS-ALVAREZ JORDAN ALAN 01/05/2000 2020-03-09 TULARE PD
2000025884 YOUNG GREGORY DEWAYNE 09/04/1969 2021-09-21 SHERIFF
7700000790 MAYBERRY ANTHONY PETE 12/03/1975 2021-04-08 TULARE PD
9800134076 HUITRON MANUEL 12/18/1955 2020-06-29 SHERIFF
900005942 CHAVEZ LEOBARDO 12/11/1989 2021-08-14 P’VILLE PD
900029081 RODRIGUEZ ANTONIO FLORES 09/02/1995 2021-02-16 SHERIFF
900035873 DANTZLER BARRY TARRELL 06/27/1989 2020-05-30 VISALIA PD
900054801 HERRERA DANIEL BARRAGAN 03/21/2001 2019-11-05 SHERIFF
1000000767 MARTINEZ JOSE 11/30/1989 2021-10-05 DINUBA PD
1000014037 ROSALES ARTURO 06/20/1991 2021-03-01 DINUBA PD
1000014749 RIVERA JOSE DEWAYNE 08/07/1991 2021-05-26 H’WAY PATRL

A Few Words about Tulare County Jail

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Office has worked in partnership with the community since 1852. The partnership aims to improve quality of life through excellence, professionalism and trust. This facility also seems to provide an easy-access tool that allows the people to make everything way easier and faster.

The official site of Tulare County Sheriff’s Office is also designed to let people access the site to find out what they are looking for related to inmates, crimes and also anything about the Tulare County jail.

How to contact Tulare County Jail?  Tulare County Sheriff’s Headquarters at 833 S. Akers St. Visalia, CA 93277. To make a call, you can choose the following phone numbers:

  • +1(559)802-9400
  • +1(559)740-4450

You can also  send an email to Tulare County jail to

  • Office Hours: At  8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday  (Closed on holidays) with 24 hours per day for emergency services
  • Hours for the Records Unit Window: At 8 AM – 5 PM (CCW applications, dLivescan fingerprinting, document requests, and more etc).

To expedite your visit, please make an appointment first.

Learn More about  Tulare County Community

Talking about the Tulare County community, there will be a number of topics that we can explain. But, the point is, the community of Tulare County is anything related to any programs and services that may not be directly related to the Tulare County Jail’s program.

On the community section, you will find a number of topics, including:

  • Tulare County Sheriff’s Foundation
  • Records Department Information
  • Tulare County Sheriff’s Posse
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Explorers
  • Public Notices
  • Deputy Buzzbee
  • Requesting Services
  • Parent & Family Resources
  • Tulare County Sheriff’s Police Activities League
  • Surveys
  • Sheriff’s TipNow Program

Of course, those programs may be related to more services and programs that are offered by Tulare County Jail.

Well, the most interesting topic that we cannot ignore is the Tulare County Sheriff’s Foundation. This is a kind of non-profit organization that was recently established under 501C of the Internal Revenue Code.

Sure, this organization allows the Tulare County citizens to partner with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. You should know that any resources that are provided by the Foundation actually support the activities of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Tulare County Sheriff’s Foundation seems to be proud in offering numerous annual membership opportunities and work hand-in-hand with local business and supporters in the community. Well, the membership here proceeds will help in funding Sheriff’s Programs, Unites and also activities.

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