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Perhaps you often imagine that being an inmate is very difficult in facing life. They will feel bored and bridled because they have limitations. Then, what can we do to make them be able to face day by day without boredom? Particularly, if you are family or friends of inmate, you absolutely want to meet them more often, talk with them, or even do the other things such as sending money, sending email, and doing video visitation.

Now, there is JPay. JPay will provide you to stay connected with your family or friend who becomes an inmate. Through JPay, family and friends of inmate are able to do prison search and inmate search, for example inmate search Collin County. You can also transfer money to them via JPay. Through JPay, you can ensure that your process of transfer will be easy and smooth, both for you and also for the inmate. At the time you transfer the money, be sure that your inmate will get the funds which they need. The process of transfer is very fast and of course secure. This process can be done from your home via computer, phone, or any MoneyGram agent. Money that is sent from you will be received in the next day. Via JPay, you can even send money to the multiple inmates where permitted. You are able to send money order to the JPay Money Order Lockbox which will process your transaction electronically.

Then, how can we search prison or inmate in JPay? You can search prison or inmate easily of course by visiting the website first. For instance, you want to look for inmate search Collin County. The website is At the right side f the website, there is a dark blue box where we have to put the state and the ID of inmate. Or at the top of the page, you will see “Inmate Search” and “Prison Search”. You can select “Inmate Search”. Then, you will be required the state and inmate ID.  If you do not know the ID of the inmate, you are able to click “Don’t know the ID#?”. After clicking that, you will be led to the page where there is a map. You are able to select the state on the map or you can select the state in the list of the states  at the left side under the map. By clicking that, you are able to check the fees, availability of service, timing, contact information of facility or agency, and also you are able to get the link to the website of agency to check the information of your inmate or offender.

Okay, do you want to look for inmate search Collin County or the other areas? You can access via your computer or smartphone easily whenever and wherever. JPay makes you to be able to stay connected with your beloved incarcerated ones. Transferring money, sending emails, doing video visitation and others you do just by accessing JPay.

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