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There is a website that can help people to meet their relative or friend who is in jail. The website is Jpay. Jpay can help you with a lot of services that are owned by Jpay. There are several inmate services such as money transfer, email and videogram, education, Jpay player, and video visitation. There is also inmate search and prison search features. For example, you want to look for tryon nc inmate search, you can go with it.

Sending money feature of Jpay enables you to make your community corrections payments and make sure that those payments can be received by your agency quickly and accurately. Paying court costs or self report fees, making restitution, or making the other supervision payments, you can use Jpay for all your needs of probation, parole, and pretrial diversion payment.

Email feature of Jpay is present to enable family and friends of inmates to send messages. The inmates are able to answer, see and print the messages and view photo attachments electronically. Using Jpay’s email service of inmate in the country is stronger and faster.

Jpay’s education enables inmates to be educated and rehabilitated in order to reduce recidivism. So, Jpay made a technology-driven education which is called Jpay’s Lantern. This program which is developed in conjunction with the CEA that is Correlation Education Association makes education accessible for inmates via Learning Management System, Jpay tablets and inmate kiosks. Another education program of Jpay is KA Lite which offers thousands of education videos that created for self guided learning specifically. There are also e-books which are available in Jpay’s library and they can read thousands of titles via Jpay tablets. Educational games are also available to make learning fun. Jpay has educational games via the new JP5 devices. The inmates can test their skills with Math Fun, Math Workout and so on.

Video visitation enables you to see your beloved one personally. To visit them in the correctional facility perhaps can be difficult to do. The jail is perhaps too far or security procedures which is strict. If physical visits are impossible, Jpay provides you to meet the inmate via Jpay’s Video Visitation. It allows you to talk face to face with your incarcerated friend or family from your own comfort home. This is the best choice of you to meet them without going to the jail.

In the website, you can also search inmate or search prison. For example, you are going to do tryon nc inmate search, you can go to the website After that, on the top of website, there is “Inmate Search” and click that. You are able to search inmate by entering state and inmate ID. Then, click Find. If you do not know the ID just click “Don’t know the ID#?”.  Then, it will lead you to the map and the list of states and you can click one of the state to see the timing, fees, service availability and information contact of agency.

That is all about services of Jpay and inmate search. If you want to search tryon nc inmate search, just visit the website and do as the explanation above.

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