How to Watch a Video on JPay on iPhone

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On JPay’s email service, you can also send a video mail or record a Videogram to an inmate in prison. Of course, the video here can be an attachment on your email and your loved one in prison should open it in order to watch your video. Sure, to watch a video on JPay, both on iPhone and Android, the method will be the same.

How to Watch a Video on Jpay?

Sure, if you want to watch a video mail on JPay, you firstly should login to your JPay account. However, this way applies for inmates and outsiders. Here’s how to open a Video email or video attachment on your email!

  • Access the JPay site here.
  • Login to your JPay account by entering your username/email and password.
  • Once you login to your JPay account, you can then click on the Email button on the Navigation menu.
  • To open your email, you can click on the Inbox button.
  • If you receive an email, you can see unread email.
  • Open your email. If your email attaches a video, you can click the attachment to see it.
  • If the attachment is a video once you open it, you can continue to watch the video.

That’s it! You successfully watch a video on a JPay email.

How to Use JPay’s Video Connect Service?

JPay also allows both inmates and people outside to join in a video session. JPay s Video Connect here offers you a chance to connect with your loved one in prison in real time. This service is such a helpful way to help family and friends to see their loved one directly.

Sure, visiting them physically in prison can often be hard as the security procedures, JPay’s Video Connect service seems to answer the people’s wish to talk face-to-face with inmates. Need to know, you and the inmate can join a video session at the appointed time.

To note, JPay’s video connect may not be available for all facilities. If you want to know what services a facility allows to use this service, you can check it by going to the Availability and Pricing Page and look for the facility you want.

When you schedule for a video session, make sure you have chosen the correct inmate for the service you want. To choose an inmate you want, you can select them on the JPay Home Page. Last, ensure you are logged in to use the JPay services.

Of course, there are some steps that you should do before starting for JPay’s Video Connect service. Here are they:

Testing your web camera

Before making a video call through JPay’s Video Connect, your firstly should test your webcam. To test your web camera, follow some steps below!

  • On the navigation menu located on the JPay homepage, you should click on JPay Video Connect option.

JPay Video Connect option.

  • Afterwards, click on System Check option.

click System Check.

  • You have to click on the ‘click here’ link on the System Check page to start checking your system.

click here link on the System Check page.

  • Then, click on the Start button located on the Securus Technologies Precall Test page.
  • Here, you need to allow necessary permissions to check Microphone and Camera if the system is asking for it.
  • If all components test show as PASSED, it means you successfully complete the System Check. While if anything shows as FAILED, meaning you can repeat the step and solve the problem.

If all components test show as PASSED

Scheduling a video session

If your microphone and camera is working, you can begin by scheduling a video session first. Make sure to choose the date and day according to the agreement between you and the inmate. After deciding the date and time, you can then schedule it through JPay. Sure, an inmate will get notification with the date and time of the JPay Video Connect.

Here’s how to schedule a video session!

  • Click on JPay Video Connect option on the Navigation menu on JPay homepage.

JPay Video Connect

  • You can then click on Schedule New JPay Video Connect.
  • Then, you can click on the JPay Video Connect Terms of Use to notice them located on the Schedule JPay Video Connect page.
  • After you agree with terms and use, you can continue by clicking on Continue button.
  • In the Choose Date box, you should choose the day for your JPay Video Connect and click on Continue.

In the Choose Date box,

  • After choosing the day, you can choose the time for the video session. Then, click on Continue.
  • Here, you need to choose your payment method by choosing a previously saved card from the Select card list or alternatively you can click on Use a new credit/debit card if you want to use a new card. Then, you will be required to add your new card  billing information.

payment method by selecting

  • Once you fill in any information for your new card, you can click on Continue button.
  • In the Payment Verification box, ensure your new card information is correct and then click on Continue button again.
  • Last, your JPay Video Connect will be added to your calendar and can be viewed on the JPay video Connect Page.

Congratulations! You already schedule for a video session through JPay Video Connect Service.

Joining a JPay Video Connect

Here’s how to join a video session!

  • Firstly, you can click on Video Connect on the navigation menu on the JPay home page.

click on Video Connect

  • On the Video Sessions page, you should click on Start Video Session Now! option in the video session box of the session to start a video visit.
  • After that, a banner will show briefly as the video client will start up.

A banner will appear briefly as the video client starts up.

  • Then, you’ll see your camera’s video image in a small window.

see your camera’s video image in a small window.

  • After an inmate joins, a larger video window will appear to show the video feed which comes from the device at the facility. Sure, your video session will begin when both of you are connected.

After an inmate joins

  • You want to end your video sessions, you can quit early by clicking on the Quit button. You should also pay for the full 30-minute call charge. If you want to extend your video calls, you can click on the Extend Call option.

Joining a video session is pretty easy, isn’t it?

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