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JPay is one of the most popular and one arguable the best services when it comes to communicating with the inmates. Are you the first time user of JPay and just started learning the way this one works? For those who are not really familiar with it and want to know more, here is the guide to JPay for the first time users.

About JPay

JPay refers to the company that teams up the state, country, and federal correctional facilities across the United States to give the best service for the closed one of people behind the bar as well as payment solutions for those in the prison.

Way to register with JPay

Before being able to send money or to communicate with the inmate or the offender, you will have to register with JPay first. Here is step by step to register with JPay:

  1. When you are on the home page of JPay and in the Select State box, you will have to enter the state where the inmate or the offender is in.
  2. In the Enter Inmate ID # box, the thing that should be entered in the ID of inmate or offender.
  3. Click Next to be taken to the next step.
  4. On the Search Results page, you should click on the inmate or offender that you want.
  5. Please enter your information on the Registration page and when you are done, click on the next, Payments Terms of Service to read them. remember to select the checkbox as a sign that you have read and agree to the Payments Terms of Service.
  6. Lastly, click Register.

Way to register with JPay

Way to make a JPay user account

After successfully registering with JPay, you will have to make a user account so that you will be able to transfer money or to get in touch with the inmate or offender. In order to create a user account, the first thing that should be done is to click My Account which is located on the JPay home page. on the My Profile page, please enter the information and once you are done, do not forget to click the Save button.

The key services offered by JPay

There are several services provided by JPay for everyone. Everything depends on the facility where your inmate or your offender is located. These services include:

  • Transferring money

It is possible for you to transfer money to the inmate or to the offender via the Send Money page. The money that is sent by you can be used by them for several things, including for restitution payments. You have some options to choose to transfer money to them.

The first one is by online payments. You can just go to the official website of JPay at if you want to do so. The second one is by phone. If you want to try this way, you can just dial the number 1-800-574-5729. The third one is through MoneyGram. This one is easy as it is available in Walmart, 7-11—and CVS Pharmacy. Please prepare the Correctional ID number of the inmate or the offender before going to these locations. Besides, you will also need to know the facility name or the receive code.

  • Sending email

Feel free to send an email to the inmate or to the offender that you want by going to the official website of JPay. Stamps are needed to send one so please buy them before sending one. You might want to attach something to your email. The email that you send may reach the inmate in different forms, including in electronic or printed format. The facility of the place where your inmate or offender is in plays a big role in it.

  • Sending a VideoGram

VideoGram is one of the things that can be attached to the email that you send to an inmate or offender. For those who have no idea, it can be described as a recording using a webcam. If you want to make a VideoGram, remember that the system will take the control of your default web camera. Apparently, there is a limitation of 30 seconds so please spend it nicely.

In order to make a VideoGram, firstly, click Record Video on the Compose page when creating an email. There is the Record button in the VideoGram Room. When you see it, click it to record your VideoGram. Doing so will make something pop up asking you to allow the system so that it can take control of your web camera and microphone. Please click Allow to start the recording. If you need to do something between the process, there is a Pause button to click. When you are done making a VideoGram, lastly, click Attach.

  • Getting a JPay Player

With JPay Player, each inmate or offender is allowed to download songs and listen to them whenever they want. In addition, they are also able to play games and listen to FM radio. The friends or the family members of the inmates or offenders can buy it for them. Not only people from the outside, these inmates or offenders also can buy the JPay Player by themselves. To buy it by themselves, you can also send them JPay Credits or fund their Media account.

  • Getting phone time

It is possible for you to help an offender to make phone calls to you or to the other ones that are on their call list. With the thing called the Friends and Family AdvancedConnect (Prepaid Phone Time), the offender is allowed to call you and with the Phone Time account, the offender is allowed to call anyone on the list.

  • Scheduling a JPay Video Connect

JPay’s Video Connect service is the kind of service that feels like visiting an inmate or an offender directly when in fact you are at home. You and the inmate or the offender will need to join the JPay Connect at the appointed time. Please test your camera before joining.

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