How to Get a JPay Tablet Unlock

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JPay tablets have very strict protection. Of course, to have a JPay tablet, you must log in or create a JPay account first. In addition, you also have to pre-order to get a JPay tablet. Then, the only agency of JPay can actually issue this tablet for certain prisoners if it has already been purchased.

Is it possible to get a JPay tablet unlocked?

Well, it’s hard to say that you totally cannot have a JPay tablet unlocked. However, every JPay tablet is protected with very high security so that you cannot freely use the JPay tablet though just downloading social media platforms.

How to Get a JPay Tablet Unlock

You should know that JPay tablets are protected with a safe bootloader on the Android operating system. Of course, the prisoners cannot install any apps, meaning the inmates cannot manipulate the platform. Prisoners who have tablets do not mean they can own several social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter even TikTok.

Sure, only some apps can be installed on a JPay tablet. Even then, it is only a positive application to support detainees in obtaining important information and also to explore several courses as provisions for later after the prisoner is released. That way, those who have finished their prison terms can prepare everything to live a new, better life.

Despite being free to use tablets, inmates are closely monitored by filtering messages. About 8,000 words such as “run away”, slang, gang names, and more were filtered out. Well, prisoners were also identified based on the level of threat their level of custody might pose.

The point is, you cannot get a JPay tablet unlocked or also unlock the JPay tablet as it has strict protection as well as a controlled system to control the prisoners. Of course there is no simple way to open a locked JPay tablet. Basically you have to deal with a locked bootloader. Even though it’s very annoying, you have to contact JPay if you want to unlock the tablet because only they hold the key.

Well, If the prisoner has expired and is released from prison, of course the tablet they are holding can be unlocked and has the right to install any application like a device that many people use.

How to unlock a JPay tablet after getting out of prison?

Well, the only way to unlock the JPay tablet is to make sure that your period of detention is over and you will be out of jail soon. If you are still in prison and have a JPay tablet, don’t hope to be able to unlock the JPay tablet albeit for the positive.

Then, if you already get out of the prison, you can totally unlock your JPay tablet. Of course, you cannot also unlock the JPay tablet by yourself. Instead, you will need to contact JPay to make your JPay tablet unlocked. Keep in mind, only they can open it.

To unlock your JPay tablet, you can contact JPay through some ways below:

  • 24 Hour Customer Support: (800) 574-JPAY (5729)
  • Mailing Address:JPay LLC, 10981 Marks Way, Miramar, FL 33025
  • Press Inquiries:

For more information about JPay, you can access the official site here.

How does the JPay tablet work?

JPay tablets provide entertainment space for inmates. While most prisons still use tapes or landline phones to contact their families, the JPay tablet allows inmates to connect with the outside world very easily. They can easily send emails, electronic cards, and videograms to friends and family.

Aside from that, they can also entertain themselves by downloading thousands of books, music, games and movies from JPay online marketplace. Sure, it’s such good news for every prisoner to stay connected with their beloved one every time.

JPay Tablet, running on Android, is very well designed with a safe bootloader system so that social media platforms cannot be downloaded and emails are tightly filtered. Even so, it does not rule out if hacking can eventually occur.

What’s in the JPay tablet?

Of course, the JPay tablet service is a little different from the tablets used for the public. On the JPay tablet, of course, some applications may be paid. According to some state records, a single song on JPay costs around $ 2.50, and a full album may sell for $ 46.

If the tablet is generally used for the public to send free emails only an internet connection is required, of course on the JPay tablet it requires at least $ 0.35 to send one valuable email and twice as much to attach a photo and four times as much to attach a video. What’s more, free public domain books and games worldwide come with a price tag at JPay.

Of course this is very normal on the JPay tablet, considering that this tablet is specially made for inmates who at first might not have been possible with this tablet. In other words, this JPay tablet is indeed a very big business for JPay.Inc.

Even though various applications and services require you to spend money, of course it’s nothing if we look at the many benefits we get from the release of the JPay tablet. As we all know that JPay launched its free tablet campaign as a charity.

The company expects to recoup the cost of the tablet plus an additional $ 9 million in profits by 2022. Of course, the way they do this is by creating a population that is already making only $ 0.10 to $ 1.14 per hour on free content. And JPay charges its users astronomically more than retailers outside the prison walls.

Today, if you want to get the JPay tablets, you can also pre-order. Moreover, you also need to login or create a JPay account to buy a tablet. If the tablet is not available, you can fund their Media Account (JPay Credits) to provide funds which they can use to buy the new tablet. Then,  they’ll prepare and send the tablet to the agency. Once received, the agency will deliver it to your loved one in prison.

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