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Do you have someone who is incarcerated? If so, and you want to find him, you are able to search the inmate. Where is he incarcerated? Is it in Lancaster County Prison? If you want to know how to search him, the answer is in the next paragraph.

If you wish to discover someone in the Lancaster County Prison, you are able to search in the Lancaster County Jail system. What do we have to do? You have to go to the Lancaster County “Who’s In Jail” page in the website of Lancaster County Government at www.co.lancaster.pa.us. There are two options in how to search including search by name and search by PIN. PIN here means Personal Identification Number assigned by the jail. If you want to search by name, you are able to enter the last name of the inmate and the first name of the inmate. If you know the date of birth of the inmate, you are able to enter it to narrow your search. It has to be exact or the search results will be incorrect. If you are not sure with the date of birth, you are able to skip this field. You may be not sure of the spelling of the name. If so, you are able to only enter at least the first letter of the last name. Then, all inmates whose last name starts with that letter will be listed. After that, you are able to press the Submit button.

If you want to search by PIN, you have to click on the small circle to the left of your inmate’s name and then click on Get Details to see. Then, you will see the inmate’s full name, inmate’s PIN, inmate’s age at booking, housing location, date of booking, committing authority and release date if applicable. If you want to request bond information and amounts, you are able to call (717) 299-7800. There are more than 9,000 jails and prisons across the country.

When you try to locate an inmate, it feels like searching for a needle n a haystack. But in the page of Who’s In Jail of Lancaster County Government website, you will be able to discover the Lancaster County inmate search, inmate lists, arrest reports, inmate roster, and booking information for the Lancaster County Prison in the city of Lancaster. By using a minimal amount of information about the inmate and some patience, you are able to find the inmate, learn how and when you can visit them, learn and what you can mail them, how to put money on their account, how and when to receive phone calls from them and also find out all public information about Lancaster County Prison.

The information of inmate is also available by calling the automated information system at 717-299-7800. Then, you have to press #2 for getting the information of inmate. You are able to call anytime because the Lancaster County Prison is open 24 hours a day. When you call, you have to give the staff member the name of who you are looking for and a birth date or age if you have it.

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