Lancaster County Jail Inmate Status

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You have someone who is incarcerated in the Lancester County Jail. And now, you want to know the status of the inmate. If you want to find out about it, you are able to search the inmate in a website which provides such information. There are some websites which provide such information and you can try to search it in those websites.

The first website that you can try to search is Lancaster County Detention Center, SC Jail Roster. The website can be accessed at In that site, you are able to lookup inmates in Lancaster County, South Carolina. The results that you will get including custody status, arrest date, bookings, mugshot, current location, current housing block, current housing section, current housing cell, commitment date, alias, release date, detainer information, bond information, case #, amount, status, posted by, post date, offense date, charge information, code, description, grade and degree.

If you want to search an inmate and you want to know the status, you have to visit the website that we have mentioned above. Then, you will find inmate search in the right side of the page. You have to fill in the fields which consist of the first name of the inmate and the last name of the inmate. After that click on the drop down menu under the fields to choose the state. If you have done filled in the fields and chose the drop down menu, now you are able to hit the Search button. Then, the system will give you the list of inmates. You have to find the one that you are looking for from the list.

It is important to know that Lancaster County Jail does not maintain an online inmate roster list where you are able to see the list of the detainees. So, you are able to locate an inmate by calling at 803-283-3388 and then you can communicate with a jail officer. If you are making a direct inquiry to a jail staff, you have to provide the first and last name of the inmate or ID number or date of birth correctly so that you will get the fast results.

You may wish to discover someone in the Lancaster County Prison, Pennsylvania. If so, you are able to search in the Lancaster County Jail system. To do that, you have to go to the Lancaster County “Who’s In Jail” page at There will be two choices in how to search including search by name and search by PIN. If you want to search by name, you have to enter the last name and the first name of the inmate. If you know the date of birth of the inmate, you can enter it to narrow your search. If you are not sure with the spelling of the name, you are able to only enter at least the first letter of the last name. Then, all inmates whose last name begins with that letter will be listed. After that, press the Submit button.

You can search by PIN as well. To do that, you have to click on the small circle to the left of your inmate’s name and then click on Get Details to see. Then, you will see the inmate’s full name, inmate’s PIN, inmate’s age at booking, housing location, date of booking, committing authority and release date if applicable.

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