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Have you ever heard of TDCJ inmate search? TDCJ is the abbreviation Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  This special department offers public information concerning inmate search in Texas United States. This means, citizen are able to find the lists of inmates as well as parolees online. The TDCJ inmate search Texas works or updates only during weekdays for about 24 hours. The aim of inmate search TDCJ is to serve the public a safety and also convenience search. The information in TDCJ is considered to be accurate.

How and why do you use this TDCJ Inmate Search?

There are obviously many advantageous for citizen who are using Texas prison inmate search. Of course, the first advantageous that you can get from this search engine is that you can find the location of the prison where your family members serve their sentences.

It helps them to find their loved ones in the nick of time. For those who are seeking for their family members that have been sent to jail and you want to know which jail, you can use inmate locator. The particular locator is able to locate your loved ones. It works exactly as the TDCJ inmate search. However, there are some steps and rules for you to follow if you are using this site to find TDCJ offender.

First of all, TDCJ usually requires minimum input. This input enables and makes everything easier for people to gain a successful search. In order to find the inmates, you can start by typing the first initial as well as the last name at the same time. Next, you can also input TDCJ number, if you already knew the number. Moreover, you can also input the number of state of identification. Once you enter the name of the inmate that you are looking for, the system will search it thoroughly.

But, what if you can’t find your family member? What should you do and why? If you cannot find the inmate, probably the person is in the isolation area or also known as the confinement facility. If this is happening, then you should contact Texas Department of Criminal Justice directly.

TDCJ Recommended Websites

TDCJ Inmate Search

There are many websites that serve TDCJ, one of the sites is, and this site offers people an easy access to find the inmates around Texas. The visitors will see a search hints consists of a list of blank fields. In this special site, visitors should fill the blank fields consist of last name, first name, TDCJ number, SID number, Gender, and even Race. For that reason, if you are using this site, you can narrow your search and find your family member faster than other website. This particular website also provides emails for question and answers as well as technical difficulties.

Additionally, in this specific website, there is also available a list of information that you may not know. The information includes offender location, TDCJ number, and current incarceration like country and offense convictions and even court conviction. Here, you can also find the incarnation history that quite similar to the current incarnation such as court and county conviction, as well as offense.

Another alternative for you to see and to contact your family member is by using JPay. This website gives you a chance to connect directly to the inmates. This website is run by professionals for over 9 years. This particular website provides several facilities including send money and also email to the person in prison. You can even chat by using visitation video. Not only those facilities, but you can also give them a gift like music. Moreover, those who need help to pay the probation and parole on time can use this website. The service given by this website is completely convenience for people who want to connect with the inmates. In other words, there is no need for you to be worry about the money that you send. It will be in the right hand. It is now available for more than 30 states.

What makes TDCJ different from other search engines?

This kind of facility is not only serves by TDCJ, but also serves by other department from other states like IDOC Inmate Search or NYS Inmate Lookup. IDOC is also known as Idaho Department of Correction; meanwhile, NYS is New York State. These 2 inmate searches have similar functions and purpose as the TDCJ. The offender search in Idaho also provides current list of inmates including those in the parole and also probation. For those who are looking for names of people who committees felony, you can also find the list here. Just like the other 2, the site shows the names and their sentence. In other words, you can find exactly how long they are going to serve in jail. However, you cannot find any information about their conviction. Unlike the TDCJ, the IDOC updates their information regularly. There are times when you find out that their data has changed quickly. In other words, the information may not be as accurate as the TDCJ.

Just like the other 2, the NYS Inmate Lookup also provides lists of offenders that could be a member of you family or your loved one. Nevertheless, this site requires more information to find the offenders compare the other 2. It needs more than just a name, but also birth year. You can also input the DIN or NYSID numbers.

And what about Cook County Inmate Search? What makes them different from TDCJ? Basically, the function of this search engine is similar to TDCJ, NYS, and also IDOC. Just as its name, this particular search engine helps people to find their family member or their loved ones, but specified only in the county jail. Nevertheless, if you cannot find your family member or your loved one in this jail, then probably the person has been moved to other facility.

Overall, if you want to stay in touch with people that you love including your family members, you don’t need to go to the department of criminal justice. You can simply try to find them online; in this case, you can get information through TDCJ inmate search engine.

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