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You may be one of people who have someone in a jail and he/ she is incarcerated in Lancaster County PA. Now, you may want to look for the inmate but you do not know where to go. Gratefully, there are some websites that provide information about inmate in Lancaster and you are able to access the site to find your incarcerated one.

To look up the inmate, you are able to visit the website of Lancaster County Government Center at In the Look up section, you are able to find the inmate that you mean. In the Look Up section, you will be required to enter the search criteria and those include Last Name, First Name, Date of Birth, or you can just enter the PIN. You have to note that enter the first character of last name is required but all other fields are optional. After you fill in the fields, you have to hit the Submit button.

After you find the inmate in that site, then you are able to contact the inmate. You are able to contact them by mail or by phone. You are able to send mail via the United States Postal Service to any Lancaster County Prison inmate. The mail is not able to include items like newspaper clippings, cash, or photo copies. Before the inmate receive the mail from you, the mail will be search for unauthorized items. It is important to know that you are not able to drop off any correspondence to inmates. It has to go through the mail. If you want to send a mail to the inmate in Lancaster County, you are able to send the mail to:

(Inmate Name and ID Number)

Lancaster County Prison

Drawer C

625 E. King St.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602

You are also able to contact the inmate via phone. Inmates are permitted to make collect calls from the institution during regular block out hours. They are not able to receive calls or make three way calls.

What can the inmate do when it is an emergency event? If the inmate faces an event of the death or illness their family member, you are able to contact the Lancaster County Prison Chaplain’s Office directly at 717-295-2089. Before you call the office, make sure that you prepare the information of the inmate including name of inmate, name of afflicted/ deceased and their relationship to the inmate and also the name of physician, hospital or funeral home.

If you want the inmate attend at the funeral or graveside service, a private attorney must petition the sentencing judge. The transports of the inmate are conducted by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and the fees of transportation do apply. If you want to know the fee information, you are able to contact the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office at 717-299-8200. For more information about the inmates and other things related to it, you are able to visit the website of Lancaster County Government.

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